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Alona Lit

8 months ago

Great place to get a thread of glass beads. The individual piece items can be a bit higher priced, but the $4 strands are a great price point. Love all the new colors I got on my last visit and weve been making with them for hours creating unique pieces.


Bonnie Glenn

a year ago

I love this shop. It is the only bead store I know of in Charlotte and I always find a wonderful assortment of beads and findings. My 2 issues with the shop are: 1. Not every bead states what material it is composed of and 2. It is a bit elitist. I hate being negative, so this is not something easy for me to say. Every time I have visited the store over the past few years, there is at least one customer in the store who has a sales representative seemingly assigned to to them as they are obviously a customer who spends a great deal of money in the store. This can be off-putting to other customers. Just because a store representative does not know how much each customer is 'worth' does not mean they do not all deserve equal attention. Possibly there is enough staffing to assign a personal shopper to anyone who would like assistance. That could be the case. I have always been asked if I needed help and I do decline as I like to shop alone. But, it does seem like this store caters to the wealthy. If I am incorrect, then I apologize, this is simply my perspective, from the multiple times I have visited the store.


Rasa Virbicke

a year ago

Very nice location and they got plenty of parking spots in the back. And everyone has a always ready to help you. The beads selection is huge. and I really appreciate that they packed everything in paper wrap and paper bag and no plastic at all


cheryl pavone

6 months ago

I found this shop when I came down to visit my son. I really like the selection and the staff was helpful. Labeling the strands would be great as I asked them about a couple different strands and they weren't able to tell me what they were. I purchased a few strands without know what type of stone/crystal they were because I loved the beads. I will visit next time I'm in NC.


Krista Morris

4 months ago

Beads Inc is my favorite jewelry supply store! The owner and the ladies that work there are extremely kind and sweet. They are very knowledgeable and are always there of you need help putting a piece together. I highly recommend this store.

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