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Brandon May

a month ago

Fantastic selection of board games. Good selection of minis. Okay selection of trading card games. Subpar to poor selection of comics. I understand, comics seem to be going bye-bye. But it still sucks for us comic lovers. But, they do have a nice room with lots of tables to play. So there's that.


Sam Coles

8 months ago

I was visiting family in North Carolina and I was on a search for Hero Clicks for my dads birthday. I called the store and spoke to a very nice and friendly guy about it and he said they had new and old sets. Once my boyfriend and I got there I was amazed at how much merchandise they had. I was there for Marvel and DC products but they also had Magic cards, Star Wars models, board games, dice, paints and so much more. They had comics I have only heard about, it was truly amazing. It was all spaced out very nicely so we could social distance if needed. They also run a stamp card promotion which I found very cool and exciting. I spent a little over 70 dollars today so I got 6 stamps on my stamp card and I will definitely be back and recommend it for anyone in the area or anyone looking for a nerdy and unique gift. One nerd to another, 10/10!!


Diana Flowers

a week ago

If you any kinda of comic book nerd, like I am it is a fun place to be. There is also a large selection of board games and DND action. More than likely you will find people on a campaign or playing Magic!


Gordon James

a month ago

I have really grown to like this card shop. I can't wait to attend FNM and play some EDH. The staff is great. They are well organized and quick to help if you aren't sure of something or have questions. They have a great selection of products, they are easily accessible, and have a great sales floor. Their customer loyalty program is a nice addition to an all around wonderful experience. If you live in the Lake Norman area, this is the game store to visit.


Torgny Bjers

5 months ago

I've been coming to this game shop for a few years now and have had many great experiences. Staff is always attentive and knowledgeable, customers are overall friendly and it's easy to find people to play with. Inventory and offerings are good, and if you want something they do not have in stock, they'll order it for you. There's usually a decent-size crowd on Fridays for Magic. Thursdays are boardgame night. They have a great assortment of D&D products and miniatures and everything Magic. There's also a ton of different boardgames, and if you have an idea of how you want to play, the staff usually give great recommendations for things to try.