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Antonio Rosado

6 months ago

Cards, comics, and ice cream? What's not to love? I'd rate the place 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that it's so small. It would definitely benefit from more square feet within, which diminishes the overall offerings. But we used this location as a place to entertain our kids and keep them busy while we perused the store's offerings.


Marzhan Hargan

3 years ago

The people at this place are just FANTASTIC. So friendly, and super knowledgeable. We love taking our Pokemon Team to events here. Love the fact that I can get ice cream here, and sit out on the bench and enjoy the weather. They have some great flavors of ice cream- my favorite is butter pecan.


Scott Koon

5 months ago

Can't say enough great things about Spandex City! He took the time to teach my son how to play (not just collect) the pokemon card game. They have a great selection of comics and you can tell the passion they have! Makes for a great experience!


Daniel Baucom

6 years ago

The staff was very friendly. We had a good time playing the pinball machines, perusing the comics and games. The staff tried to warn us that the "Superman" ice-cream was very different and we didn't listen. Our daughter didn't like it. Not their fault we didn't listen, they tried.



a year ago

wouldn't go there looking for back issues of anything, but presumably the owner, operating the shop was found to be very very knowledgeable about the comics industry, titles, & storylines, but then he also provided exemplary customer service as well. to everyone i saw in there. didn't get any ice cream myself, but the customers who did seemed quite pleased with their purchases, so if you are just looking for ice cream in the area, you might check them out just for that. & despite not having back issues as i had hoped, it was quite nice to find someone as extremely informed about comics both current & past, & so readily forthcoming with interesting information. totally a worthwhile trip before even factoring in the birthday present i bought there, also...

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