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Anna Marie Triester

2 weeks ago

We had a 6 year old birthday party here. It was great! Everything went as planned, from the activities down to pizza and cake. Upon arrival we were met by a hostess who was soon joined by a second one. They were both amazing, ensuring all guest were attended too. Really could not be more pleased with the facility and staff.


Jun Baxley

2 months ago

Sports Connection is really fun to go to if you have friends. But some people don't have friends or think they don't have friends. But that's ok... In fact, you want to know something pretty cool? You're loved. Maybe it's by the person you kiss and watch movies with. But, some of us don't have that in our lives right now. If you do, that's awesome. But if you don't, that doesn't mean you aren't loved. Believe it or not, love is everywhere. It comes in so many different forms. It finds you in so many different places. It comes up when you least expect it. Even just when you think you've given up and you're all sour and grumpy and the last thing you wanna do is get up and out of bed, love will find you. Maybe it's through your friend leaving you a funny voicemail. Or a dog at the park running up to you to sniff your butt. Or maybe just by looking at the moon for a little bit. It'll find you. It always does. It's important to remember that you're loved.


Stevie Morrison

5 months ago

Perfectly designed sport recreation center! Extremely family-friendly, no matter the age really, and is a great indoor place to enjoy numerous activities. Almost every activity requires some sort of physical engagement in order to participate--unless you opt for sitting at a table as opposed to joining in the fun fully. From intense bowling to extreme rock-wall climbing to balance ropes, there's surely something you'll enjoy, whether in a group or individually. Not to mention, there is a variety of fun-packed arcade games, sure to keep everyone thrilled. And, of course, you can't have all of these amazingly, fun-filled activities without including some beverages, food, and snacks. Choices for all ages, too! So, feel like an adult beverage and an appetizer? Go ahead, order it; for instance, you can enjoy your beer and wings (whatever you want age appropriate adult), or soda and pizza for the kiddos. Out group enjoys our visits to this Sports Connection, and we're always looking forward to our next gathering here.


Jonathan Leger

2 months ago

My kids love this place so much that even though they go most Fridays for the "kids night out" my 7 year old daughter didn't hesitate to say this is where she wanted her birthday party to be. Great place. Fun for kids and parents.



3 months ago

Brought my daughters and there friends here for 2 of my daughters bdays on the same day. This experience was absolutely fantastic!! Cam who was our host was so helpful, kept me and my wife stress free. From where kids were to food and drinks. Keeping track of everything. For what you pay they to above and beyond. Highly recommend coming here.