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Robert Fusco

4 weeks ago

Large shop...lots to see and shop for!! My wife was loving all there was to choose from. My son wanted to take home a set of used tires from Watkins Glen!! He was loving all of it.


Joe Fron

2 months ago

Big Dale and Jr.fan. Celebrating my birthday and treated myself to a new shirt and hat. Great service in the gift shop.


Megan AC

6 months ago

First off, Aunt Cathy, the gift shop and looking into the shop excellent. The receptionist Renee is by far the rudest human being I have ever met. Dale was there yesterday and literally I just wanted to hand a painting I worked months on to him as he went into the studio to record, but you cut my husband off mid sentence and said I cant help you. I have dealt with her once previously and same thing I cant help you. I totally get you get asked wheres Dale when will he be there etc and you cant tell anyone I GET THAT. I respect his privacy. Completely... but his car was out front, Gus in the office, and was told he was there and couldnt even hand him something I poured a ton of time into and wanted to hand to the man that I got to work with, greatly influenced my career and inspires my son. Id understand if I came in there dressed in Dale Jr stuff, wanted a picture, autographs etc and got turned away... but a local dressed normal, didnt want anything from the man, has tact and manners...maybe would have said sit here in the lobby and if he wants he will stop and you can hand it to him. I hope race fans big and small read this and steer clear of the receptionist so they may have a pleasant experience at JR. Thank you for your time. (PS not commenting because she told me something I didnt want to hear, posting it due to the complete untactful, rude and unprofessional manner in which she answered my husband)


Amy M Hicks

3 months ago

It's a very nice place and the lady at the front desk is very very nice. Jr actually showed up as we were getting ready to leave so we got a pic and a autograph. Very cool!


Cory B

3 months ago

Cool place to visit if you like or are interested in racing. Good selection of apparel and gifts. Very friensly