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Kay W

10 months ago

Very interesting place if you are remotely interested in Nascar Racing or the history of racing in general. They have a ton of cars, lots of memorabilia and a great deal of machinery that shows how they designed and developed the cars. It would be a good day out for kids of all ages. The price of the tickets are reasonable and the staff are very friendly. There is a store to buy anything to do with racing you could wish. There is no food on site, I would recommend a local BBQ place nearby as you are in the BBQ capital of the US!


Jeremiah Reising

a month ago

I decided to stop here and check out all of the Dale Earnhardt cars, I'm glad I did. Saw his Daytona 500, Brickyard and Winston 500 No Bull win cars plus many other themed versions he raced over the year.


Brian Potter

a month ago

Was amazing seeing all this history, making me want to get back into watching NASCAR a whole lot more!


Craig Yarnall

a year ago

Nascar country!!!! If you're a fan of RCR racing, Dale Earnhardt Sr. or Nascar you need to stop by this museum. The collection of Earnhardt cars is amazing. Take a walk through racing history, from RCR racings humble beginnings to multiple championships, make the journey, it's worth it....


Jim Gribble

5 months ago

My brother and me were here about 4 or 5 years ago from Charlotte. We walked through, but after seeing this video, we didn't see a lot of the things shown here. We didn't see the car hauler and all the #3 cars shown here. Were they added later? We did meet Mike Dillon and Chocolate Myers, both very gracious ... but I feel I cheated myself... Did I? Next time I'll ask questions on how to walk through. Nobody's fault except my own ...This place here looks new, when did it open? The first time I was here, mid 90's, crossed the RR tracks and walked in, then got a guided tour through the shop. What happened to the Earnhardt wrecked car where he got out of the ambulance and drove back to the pits? Thanks ...