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James Ricci

a month ago

As an emerging escape room enthusiast, I can say with personal confidence that The Box is something special. From the moment of my arrival, Andy's hosting persona and attention to detail made a grand impression and created a sense of uncanny wonder. The door from the outside world to The Box's lobby is a portal. You leave your life behind and become part of a unique story. I set foot into a cinematic ambiance of this world and was immediately enraptured by the sensory detail of my surroundings. I became part of the mine-en-scene of The Box's vision before I even entered the first escape room proper. The Ventriloquist sates a thirst for the macabre. Dread and intrigue are fostered throughout the room's narrative. It's puzzles provide a challenging, but always fair, sense of progression. I was not ready for this room's completion, I did not want to leave the clutches of The Puppetmaster's maddening perception. Cold Case Killer introduces a deceptively calming scenario. Where The Ventriloquist provokes dread, Cold Case Killer excels in perpetuating an undercurrent of unease as the narrative unfolds. The puzzles were thoughtful and rewarding in their succession. The final revelations of this Cold Case Killer's completion demonstrate the evolution of an escape room being an event of simple entertainment into a philosophical art form. There are many high quality escape room venues throughout the Charlotte area. The Box stands out as a venue that exemplifies the intersection between a passion for the experience, an intelligence of narrative world building and an aptitude for unique puzzle craft.


Joseph Barese

2 weeks ago

My wife and I went to the box escape room with another couple last week. What an experience!! Weve never been to an escape room so we went in not knowing what to expect but ended up having a blast! The owner who got our group signed in and ready to go was very enthusiastic about his job/duties and was very entertaining and professional. I strongly recommend going here for fun on a rainy day or on a weekend. MAKE SURE YOU SEARCH EVERYTHING! GOOD LUCK!


Jalie Trowbridge

2 months ago

My husband and I did both rooms (Cold Case & Ventriloquist) on our recent trip to Charlotte. We have done over 15 escape rooms along the east cost, and this experience was the first where the host was in character! It was an extra little perk that made the experience that much more enjoyable. For both experiences we were paired with two other people. Although strangers, we got along great with both couples, and our victories were definitely due to our teamwork. While we enjoyed both rooms, I recommend the Ventriloquist for first-timers due to more linear clues and it being overall less challenging than the Cold Case room. We had a great time and the host made this experience better than most due to his attentiveness and obvious passion!


Mania Rosen

3 weeks ago

This was an awesome experience!!! I don't have anything to which I might compare the venue, as it was our first escape room adventure. I can say the theme was thrilling and spooky. The music/ sound scheme they played was ideal for the occasion. The staff was friendly and enthusiastic and the props were compelling. We tried "the ventriloquist" room. It was great!!! The instructions we were given seemed thorough and well constructed, which allowed for an exciting attempt without wasting time on items or actions contrary to the objective. If you havent been here... DO IT!


Amber Shelor

a month ago

This is easily one of the best experiences OF MY LIFE! Andy is amazingly helpful, providing just the right amount of mystery and hints. We did The Ventriloquist room and it was so awesome. Creepy, but not scary, very intriguing, and a ton of clues to solve. I can't wait to go back and try the other room!!!