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Pam Abirached

in the last week

This Escape Room location was one of our favorites! They set the mood, the entire building is decorated with a theme to keep you interested and involved. We did the ventriloquist room and it was definitely a challenge but it kept us thinking the entire time and there were no nonsense details like some other rooms have. Everything in the room had meaning and lead you to another clue or another path to follow. We escaped! Everyone in our group (4 of us) had a great time and we look forward to trying the other rooms!


Sam Shue

a week ago

A younger escape room, but this place pulls off a fantastic creepy atmosphere. All the puzzles are locks and keys here, but the clues are fun and logical. The room I did was about half linear, so would be more fun with a smaller group. Looking forward to returning and visiting the new rooms that are in the works. Hints are given through pre-written notes, so asking for hints here feels less like your ruining the puzzle that you're currently solving.


Madison Alexander

a month ago

I have done 4 different escape rooms across NC, and this one was by far the best. It was challenging, engaging, and a great team building exercise. The escape room at The Box has unique puzzles and clues that I have never seen before. Above all, the narrative of the room is what makes it more immersive than any I have ever experienced. I would recommend this escape room to any family wanting a bonding experience or even a staff for staff development. You will easily become addicted, like me, to escape rooms!


Stephanie Jazmin

3 weeks ago

I love escape rooms and this one did not disappoint... my friends and I tried the cold case one and the staff was in character from the beginning. We had an awesome experience and now my friends are addicted to escape rooms. We can't wait to come back and try the ventriloquist room.


Allie Chickie

4 months ago

The Ventriloquist was a great room, can't wait to come back again! It was challenging but not impossible. The atmosphere was perfect and the creepy music made it feel even more real. Lainey was a great host! Her clues were possibly the best I've experienced in escape rooms; she never outright told us what to do but also wasn't so obtuse that it was unhelpful. They were perfect hints. Thanks for making our time that much more fun!