Carolina blue skies can be seen year-round in Charlotte. With an annual average temperature of 61.5 degrees and the annual average precipitation of 43 inches distributed evenly throughout the year, weather in the Queen City is fair and mild. Winter is welcoming, spring and fall are transformative, and summer is sunny and bright.


  • Mostly Sunny

    212 days of the year are sunny

  • Not too hot

    Only 40 days with temperatures higher than 90 degrees

  • Not too cold

    216 days of the year are frost free


Highs: Mid 50s | Lows: Low 30s

Mild winters are one of the perks of living in the South, but cold weather finds its way to Charlotte a few times each season accounting for an average accumulation of six inches of snow per year. Only about half of the winter days fall below freezing making a friendly forecast for a wintertime trip.
What to pack: Coat, sweater, scarf, gloves and boots


Highs: Low 70s | Lows: High 40s

The slow emergence of spring is one of the most breathtaking times of the year. The soft white, pink and yellow of flowers blooming in the city stands out among the sprouting greenery and blue skies. Although the season begins with an average rainfall of 4.4 inches in March, rising temperatures and clear spring days continue throughout May.

What to pack: Rain jacket, light jacket, cardigan, capris and layers


Highs: High 80s | Lows: High 60s

Clear skies and warm weather lure Charlotteans outdoors during the summer months, but the bright sun calls for sunscreen and breathable, light attire. Scorchers in July and August bring temperatures to the upper 80s for about 40 days of the season. The average summer temperatures are in the upper 70s with an average daily range of 20 degrees.

What to pack: Breathable shirts, summer dresses, shorts, sandals, sunglasses and sunscreen


Highs: Low 70s | Lows: Low 50s

The changing leaves of autumn in Charlotte’s dense tree canopy provide a stunning backdrop for the city skyline. Mild temperatures in the 60s stick around throughout fall and encourage people to enjoy the outdoors as the days grow shorter, especially tailgaters and grillers getting ready for a big game.

What to pack: Light jacket, cardigan, capris, layers and tailgating chairs