How to Celebrate Pride 2021 in Charlotte

What’s better than a month of Pride? A year-long celebration! Here’s a schedule of events to help celebrate Pride throughout the season.

posted by Jared Misner

20 Must-Try Food Trucks in Charlotte

From cheese-forward dishes to authentic Thai and Mexican classics, Charlotte’s food trucks are serving up delicious, photo-worthy dishes on the go.

posted by Jessica Swannie

Top Sushi Restaurants in Charlotte

Good sushi can be hard to find no matter what city you’re in, but Charlotte has a wealth of options for you to get your fill. Here are a few of our favorites located around the Queen City, guaranteed to satisfy your sushi craving.

posted by Molly Ruggere

12 Ideas to Plan a Night Out on the Town

We’ve got a dozen Queen City nightlife options paired with some of our favorite nearby restaurants to help you plan your next night out in the Queen City.

Top Places to Stop on the Charlotte Light Rail

Whether you’re a light rail regular or newbie, here's what to eat, drink and do at each of the 26 stations along the LYNX Blue Line.

posted by Sallie Funderburk

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion and Economic Growth

The Charlotte Convention Center is a vital part of the Queen City’s dynamic hospitality industry – welcoming thousands of visitors and guests through its doors annually and generating activity that supports local jobs and businesses.

posted by Karen Brand