Get to Know Charlotte's Pro Sports

If you want to experience Charlotte’s sporty side, you’re in luck. The Queen City has seven major athletic offerings for you to enjoy. When you need your game-day fix, snag a ticket, check out the gift shop or simply scope out the digs of these local loves.

posted by Beth Castle

How to Plan the Perfect Panthers Tailgate

To keep a winning record when it comes to entertaining guests before kickoff, take a page from our playbook on how to plan the perfect Panthers tailgate.

posted by Lauren Levine

Charlotte Racing Fans' Bucket List

Charlotte is the ultimate destination for NASCAR fans. Immerse yourself in a mix of racing-related shops, tracks and attractions.

Charlotte's Professional Sports

Whether you’re a diehard fan or you’re just in it for the tailgate, the city offers numerous ways to root for the home teams.

The Best Ways to Experience Golf in Charlotte

With dozens of public golf courses claiming grounds in greater Charlotte, finding spectacular greens on which to perfect each par is easy.