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Take the Scenic Route with the CLT Trail Guide

Find inspiration and escape in the outdoors. Choose from six curated outdoor experiences in Charlotte, featuring over 22 miles of trails, dining with outdoor amenities, local businesses and attractions with the CLT Trail Guide. Try out the mobile-friendly experience as you're walking, biking or running along trails from South Charlotte all the way up to University City.

Freedom Park - Photo by Cody Hughes

The Queen City has long been a hub for those looking to escape to the great outdoors. Mecklenburg county is threaded with over 52 miles of developed greenway trails and the Charlotte region is home to one of the world’s most premier outdoor recreation attractions, the U.S. National Whitewater Center, which boasts over 45 miles of trails on its campus alone.

At a time when getting outside is more important than ever, we’re launching a new way for visitors and locals to find inspiration in the outdoors and rediscover nature in and around Charlotte. The CLT Trail Guide is an interactive digital resource designed to provide a guide for navigating Charlotte’s outdoor recreation offerings. Visitors and locals will have the option of exploring six curated outdoor experiences highlighting over 22 miles of trails, dining with outdoor amenities, local businesses and attractions. A neighborhood guide accompanies each trail, so you can take a deeper dive into the communities you’ll be passing through.

Charlotte Beer Garden - Photo by Cody Hughes

Whether your preference is walking, biking, running or a combination of all three, these trails were designed to be inclusive for all fitness levels. If you’re looking for an urban escape packed with Instagram skyline views and sight-seeing destinations, explore the 3.5 mile Skyline Trail. Or, if you’re interested in losing yourself in nature, but not before grabbing a delicious bite on the boardwalk, try the 8.4 mile 49ers Trail. The CLT Trail Guide will be with you along the way, mapping your progress and offering interactive descriptions of points of interest. Each trail can also be texted to your phone for Google Maps access on the go. We’ll be adding new trails along the way, so check back for additional outdoor inspiration.

Whether you’re a lifelong Charlottean or you’re exploring the Queen City for the first time, there’s a sense of adventure waiting for you. Grab a bike, your waking/running shoes and the CLT Trail Guide and get moving.

A biker along Charlotte's greenways - Photo by Cody Hughes

The six trails available at launch include:

The Skyline Trail (3.5 miles)

Get different perspectives on the Uptown skyline as you explore Second Ward, Third Ward and the West Charlotte neighborhoods.

The Adventure Trail (.8 miles)

Find land & water thrills at the U.S. National Whitewater Center

The Community Trail (2.3 miles)

Cut through popular parks and gathers spots in the Midtown area including Cherry, Elizabeth, Dilworth and Myers Park standouts.

The Award-Winning Trail (1.8 miles)

Find top dining, drinking and shopping by the light rail in South End, Southside Park and Brookhill.

The 49ers Trail (8.4 miles)

Take the light rail from First Ward to University City to stroll the UNC Charlotte campus, botanical gardens, boardwalk shopping and greenways.

The Neighborhood Trail (6 miles)

Head down to South Charlotte to take in uninterrupted miles and natural sights in Piper Glen & Ballantyne.

The NoDa Craft Beer Trail (2.6 miles)

Sip on signature suds in this artsy neighborhood.