Antique Shopping in Charlotte

Antiques are special in so many ways. The quirky collectibles, furniture and paintings you find at an antique store belonged to someone else not that long ago. Their former prized possessions can be yours for the right price, and the mystique of these items can add warmth and excitement to their new spaces.

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Bookstores & Comic Stores in Charlotte

Nothing brings the world together quite like a good book. No matter who you are, where you’ve been or what you aspire to be, there’s a book for you. That includes comic books too, with some of the most exciting characters and intricate stories in history woven together with eye-popping visuals for the maximum effect.

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Local Shops and Boutiques in Charlotte

Get your retail fix at these local shops and boutiques in the Queen City.

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Spend 24 Hours Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

Explore the Queen City while also supporting Black-owned businesses along the way.

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CLT Bargains: Queen City’s Thrift Shop Guide

For some, thrifting is an art. For others, it’s all about the thrill of the chase. Whatever your fix, here are some of Charlotte’s prominent spots to find great deals.

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Charlotte Shopping, Dining & Entertainment Centers

These Charlotte entertainment complexes are ideal hubs for dining, shopping and fun for the entire family.

A Guide to Shopping in Charlotte

With so many retail therapy options—from outlet malls to boutiques—Charlotte is shopping central.