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Visit Crayola IDEAworks® at Camp North End

With school out and summer vacation upon us, there is no better time for hands-on fun! Crayola IDEAworks, a limited-time immersive experience, draws participants in through a journey of color and creativity with challenges and customized experiences from start to finish.

Crayola IDEAworks

This blog is brought to you in partnership with Crayola IDEAworks.

Vibrant colors, bright lights and artistic immersion await at Crayola IDEAworks, an interactive attraction by the iconic crayon producer at Camp North End. The second stop on its world tour, Crayola IDEAworks is an experience steeped in nostalgia with a high-tech spin, perfect for families and those looking for a unique experience to feel like a kid again.

Photo courtesy of Crayola IDEAworks

The trek begins in the IDEA Workshop where creative minds are engaged through challenges and puzzles, sharpening design-driven skills in a variety of art-based activities. With four hubs — I, D, E and A — creators encounter real-world, strengths-building activities where they’ll Identify the problems, Define the details, Explore the option and Assess the solutions. Once the challenges are complete, it’s time to travel to the next level of Crayola® magic: the ColorverseTM.

Photo courtesy of Crayola IDEAworks

Traveling through the Color Wheel Portal, guests explore the Colorverse in the bustling city of Crayopolis, the underwater SeaBase and the galaxy of Mars Station. Artists of all ages will explore an entire universe of color and imagination through engaging activities where personal strengths and style are celebrated, with the revelation of creative skills and talents mapped uniquely for each individual throughout their quest. Smart wristbands track and create a personalized adventure unique to each guest. In the Grand Finale, guests will discover which Craymoji fits their personal creative style, based on the choices made during their adventure.

Photo courtesy of Crayola IDEAworks

Bring your creativity to the table at this interactive experience now open through July 31 at Camp North End.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

Who: Geared toward ages 5-12

Where: 1824 Statesville Ave., Camp North End, Charlotte

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