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Dive into Unseen Oceans at Discovery Place Science

Uncover the mysteries of the deep blue sea when Discovery Place Science presents Unseen Oceans, and experience underwater landscapes and vibrant marine life like never before.

Discovery Place Science

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©️AMNH/D. Finnin

Beneath the sunlit surface lies a deep and mysterious world illuminated by Unseen Oceans. This multisensory exhibition takes explorers on an ocean expedition to uncover creatures and canyons previously unseen by the human eye.

Though more than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans, very little of these vast realms have been explored. Thanks to twenty-first century technology, scientists have embarked upon a new age of discovery unveiled at the exhibition organized by the American Museum of Natural History.

Discover ocean giants, hidden habitats and glowing sealife as you explore the ocean in ways previously unimaginable.

©️AMNH/R. Mickens

Dip your toes in virtual sand as you enter the exhibition of fascinating fossils and biofluorescence. Take a voyage to Hudson Canyon, an underwater feature just 100 miles from the coast of New York City reaching depths of over 10,000 feet, and a recreation of the Galapagos seamount chain. Dive to the depths of the sea, surrounded by blue whales, giant squid and manta rays as you fully submerge yourself in this deep-sea adventure.

Be inspired by the scope and research of scientists in a special “Meet the Scientists” nook and learn how these explorers expand our view of marine ecosystems and uncover the role we play in protecting these brilliant habitats.

©️AMNH/R. Mickens

At Unseen Oceans you’ll:

  • Discover larger-than-life models of beautiful and unusual planktonic species including the zooplankton that inspired the monster in the “Alien” movie franchise.
  • Study fascinating casts of fossils from Earth’s past — from ammonites to megalodon teeth.
  • Be immersed in life-size visuals of circling ocean creatures circling surrounding you on a 180-degree, high-resolution screen.
  • Explore models and recreations of underwater landscapes.
  • Learn about exciting new technology, including “squishy fingers” which help marine biologists take hold of objects and living things without damaging them.
  • Enjoy instant photo ops in a partial replica of the Triton, used while filming the BBC series Blue Planet II.
  • “Drive” a submarine around the ocean floor through interactive technology.
  • Reshape the ocean floor by digging trenches and creating islands in kinetic sand.

General Admission

  • Adults (14-59): $23 online, $28 walk-up
  • Children (2-13): $18 online, $23 walk-up
  • Seniors (60+): $20 online, $25 walk-up
  • Members: free

Unseen Oceans is free with general admission tickets and will run through September 18.