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Jamaar Valentine

a week ago

You get exactly what you need for a sports bar that is very trendy for weekends. Staff gets to know regulars well. Good bartenders. Good daily specials. The bouncer(s) think its funny to hide your cell phone. This is in a completely unprofessional manner despite whatever level of service is expressed by the rest of the establishment. This is symbolic of the level of tolerance that is acceptable for the management; thus the establishment loses respect etc simply due to their general sense of operations .


amy white

2 months ago

Its just ok. The asian tuna salad is why i go back. If you enjoy cleavage more than personality it probably the spot for you


Olivia Cantwell

2 months ago

Great food and drinks, but waitresses seem to cater to frat boys more than families.


Gabby Dubuc

6 months ago

Have been going to this bar for 4 years. It's right down the road from my university. My friends and I went on a Sunday night at 12:30am to celebrate a friends late birthday and was denied service because of my LEGAL Connecticut ID. I turn Twenty TWO in 10 days. The ID was checked by a manager and denied before he even saw or consulted me. I offered multiple forms of identification and they didn't care to review them. Mind you-- we were served earlier in the day for brunch. No fuss was made until we were told my ID was "fake". Once we made a fuss the cops were called and the story changed. They said they felt "uncomfortable serving us". Also, we know several employees and managers. The manger on duty refused to give his name. Rather disappointing seeing as we are regulars at this bar. Needless to say we will NOT be returning. All 5 of us. The bartenders name was Channing (whom told us to "try our fake IDs at the bar down the road"). The entire staff was rude and unprofessional.


David Murphy

in the last week

So-so food. Good bar.