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William Young

a month ago

First time here. Salad is decent. Customer service great. However a bit pricey for salad. It taste great but at these prices I wont be back when I can make the same kind of salad at a fraction of their price.


Grace Caskey

a year ago

This is my absolutely favorite lunch spot in Charlotte. You get a healthy and fresh meal at a fair price. I recommend the Palm Beach Salad with grilled chicken and Mexican Goddess dressing. It gives you a little spice with everything nice!


Special Lady

4 months ago

This was delicious! They made my food exactly how I wanted it. The service was great. My friend and I sat outside, enjoying the food and the weather. There weren't a bunch of pesky bugs either. Loved it! 5 stars!


Asia Robinson

4 months ago

I love this salad option because the lettuce is in small pieces which makes it a lot easier to eat. I love the topping choices here as well but definitely not a place you wanna go often simply because of the price. You wonder how a $10 small bowl turns into a $16-$18 bowl just because of the toppings but if thats a small imagine how much a large would be.


Rachel Britt

3 months ago

Don't order online here, they mess it up every single time. Today I ordered a salad with 6 ingredients, got home to find out that my salad contains only 3 of the 6. Also asked for a dressing on the side which they forgot. Waste of $15.

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