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Steve Alexander

a week ago

The one trip salad bar is simply not worth it. The genius of an unlimited salad bar is the opportunity to create something different at every trip. If controlling costs, fine. Raise the price and give the option for unlimited. Let people who are satisfied with just one plate pay the 8.99. If this is a holdover from COVID please evaluate whether this has any impact at all on preventing spread because all it made me do was stay up there longer to pile more stuff on my plate. Thats only preventing the spread of positive customer experience. The staff was nice about my complaining but it was obvious they were tired of fielding questions about it. I chose this restaurant for my birthday dinner tonight for one reason and one reason only, the chance at a great salad bar. I am sorry to see that with the one trip only rule, there isnt much separating Jasons deli from the grocery store salad bar.


Philip E

a year ago

Good food, nice staff, clean, fully accessible


Andrea Washington

3 weeks ago

My baked potato was not fresh when I got it home so that's why I gave them 3 stars. For $9 the potato should always be fresh. I'm disappointed Other than that, you can never go wrong with their salad bar.


B C (Brucechastain.com)

2 weeks ago

Lately some of the JDs have been not so great but this one really nice. Very clean.


Eric Crawford

a month ago

It has been a bit since I have been there. Should have asked if the salad bar was still restricted to a single trip. At least this particular Jason's is still open. The one in Pineville shutdown after issues with the landlord.

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