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Philip E

11 months ago

Good food, nice staff, clean, fully accessible


Michael Ellett

2 weeks ago

Jasons Deli is my favorite deli. Always good food. We ordered a plain Jane Baked Potato and a Chef Salad. Great food.


Jessica Stockam

in the last week

Amazing customer service. Everything was delicious. My huge office order was ready on time with no headaches.


David Morgan

2 months ago

I ordered the salad bar, looked alright. Once I sat down and started to eat my salad, I saw things moving in my salad, after looking closer , it was a bug with long legs moving in the salad. I notified my friend that was also having a salad and we both were shocked at what we saw in my salad plate. Then notified the waitress and she could not speak English , I then I took my salad plate up to what I think was the manager and showed it to him, his response was Im sorry well go through the lettuce and make sure theres no more bugs, it sometimes happens with the packages!! I had to ask for a refund/credit back to my card, he didnt even offer to. I will never go there again and steer everyone I know not to go there as well! He never apologized and didnt seem to really care one way or another.


Tracy Hinson

a week ago

The second time in a month we came here the managers are rude what happened to jason deli customer service quality. We are so disappointed even the food has lost its quality it seems the people working here just dont care or want customers here they keep the side door locked now to discourage business it's so strange. I am editing my review Jason's has attempted to rectify the problems I will post another review on my visit to update progress .update to post the food was acceptable this time the level of hospitality wasnt rude nor friendly it was more mechanical like vending a machine .here's an update on how my revisit was 8/18/21 again the manager is locking the entrance this is so ridiculous and makes no sense no one said hello or thank you the lettuce was brown on the salad bar. I'll post a picture

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