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SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium


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SEA LIFE is a unique interactive aquarium experience for kids, located at Concord Mills.

SEA LIFE is the world’s largest family of aquariums and includes SEA LIFE Aquariums in North America including SEA LIFE Arizona, Carlsbad, Charlotte-Concord, Dallas/Fort Worth, Kansas City, Mall of America, Michigan, New Jersey, Orlando and San Antonio. From its origins in 1979 in Oban, Scotland, SEA LIFE now provides immersive marine experiences in nearly 50 locations in 17 countries around the world. They aim to share their passion for the creatures of the oceans and to make their guests fall in love with them.

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Tracy Rudzinski

a week ago

I had a great time! Reasonable price for 6 hours of aquarium time! Walk-through took about 45 minutes at a slow-casual pace. Beautifully themed displays, fish, jellies, and turtles live in close up exhibits. A touch pool lets you touch urchins and sea stars. Gift shop at the end had a lot of varied choices for souvenirs.


Gabbi Byrd

4 months ago

If youre going comparing this to the GA Aquarium or even Ripleys, you will be disappointed. If you go taking it for what it is-a mall aquarium-then it will be fun. I believe you can make anything a fun experience depending on the age level of your kids. I had fun as well. The aquarium is very small. We were in and out in under and hour. The tunnel is not like the tunnels at other aquariums. Its much shorter so dont be disappointed. Its more like a walkway. My son liked sitting and watching the fish swim. If your kids are into aquariums and ocean life they will like it. Theres a touching pool as well. My son liked touching the starfish. Its an easy family friendly outing if youre looking.


Kate Weaver

3 months ago

Unique aquarium located inside Concord mall. Very affordable entry price. Staff do a great job of taking care of all the exhibits. Instead of a focus on entertainment (though entertaining) this aquarium pushes the importance of conservation of wildlife. Lots of small educational activities for kids as well. Has an area where you can pet starfish. There's also a sitting area with vending machines, coloring pages and giant connect four for kids. Overall I think it's worth a visit to support the work they do.


Kaylee Delida

a month ago

It was decent but not worth the price. $110 for 2 adults and 3 kids under 12. Again it was decent. Pretty fish and clean facility but for that price I expected to see much more for $110. I wouldnt do it again and we are all disappointed at the lack of sea life but we know just to spend the money at a larger establishment next time for that price.


Chrystina Harter

2 months ago

It's an aquarium inside the mall, so not big. Do not compare this to other aquariums. For its small size, it's pretty awesome. Let me begin by saying this will take your family probably an hour to walk through. At the beginning they give you a scavenger hunt for the kids and if they complete they get a turtle necklace. There's a ton of cool fish, sharks, turtles, Coral, eels, star fish, sea horses, jellyfish and more. There is a touch station where you can touch star fish and sea urchins, a big tank with a beautiful large turtle, a walk through tunnel where fish swim next and above you. Giant stingrays can be seen along with sharks and awesome looking fish. Don't forget neptune the turtle. If you have young children, I'd say 6 and below, they will love it. There are little Port holes and cute tunnels they can walk through to see fish. At the end there's a connect four to play and some coloring. Great little aquarium. I will say, they could lower their prices to be more competitive. They are a small aquarium so if they wanted more traffic, lowering the ticket price by even $5 lead to more visitors. Probably wouldn't go again and pay the $53 for 3 of us. (kids UNDER 3 are free)

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