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SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium





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SEA LIFE is a unique interactive aquarium experience for kids, located at Concord Mills.

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J Awesome

a month ago

Sea life is a great experience. There are hundreds of types of fish and other sea life. The largest tank has over 100 thousand gallons of water. The staff is very nice, and helpful. The whole place was absolutely fascinating. I would recommend going on the behind the scenes tour where you can see above the main tank. There is also a gift shop where you can buy all sorts of things related to the aquarium. If you are at Concord Mills you should come to Sea life.


Matt and bri

2 weeks ago

One of the coolest places to visit! Absolutely a new weekend tradition for us! The staff was amazing and very kind. They let us ask a million questions and not once did they seem annoyed. Sea Life is a great family place to go to but it's also very fun if you don't have children. We also got the behind the scene tour which was very fun as well as informative. Our tour guide was Stacey, he was amazing and had an answer to every question. He told us more about one of our favorite attractions which was the octopus they have. She is very intelligent! He told us she gets bored so the staff interact with her every day at 2:15! She paints! She plays with her Mr and Mrs potatoe head, and the artwork she makes is absolutely beautiful and one of a kind. We also got to go to the top of the shark tank, which was absolutely worth the extra Money. We are getting the annual pass, it is very affordable and worth it to us. We recommend Sea Life to anyone that is looking to have a fun time!


Amanda Greif

4 weeks ago

This place is an aquarium st, everyone says if you've seen one, you've seen them all. WRONG! this place is different. I enjoyed the black light and decor. I really like the photos they take of you. They have a great package, it's very affordable too. I got 6 5x7 for $25 plus a frame. Can t beat that! I will be going back.


James Lionheart

2 months ago

Bit of a one time thing for obvious reasons. And if you're not down with seeing what's essentially cool fish, this probably won't be your thing. But if you're open to the experience it's a great time. Facility is clean, everyone is friendly, they seem to care about their craft which was refreshing for someone visiting from one of the angrier parts of the country. We saw Nicole's presentation of a general broadcast feeding and a nice young lady named Jasmine lead us on a guided tour 'behind the scenes'. Both women were exactly what you'd want, engaging, fun, and informed, but not overbearing, dry in delivery, or seemed to be simply 'mailing it in'. The worst thing by any right were the goofy pictures at the beginning, but if you decide to not take yourself seriously for a whole 20 seconds you might just make it through. Money well spent. Life well experienced.


Samantha Gomez

2 weeks ago

This was such an amazing experience for the family! The kids are able to touch starfish. Theres a jungle gym at the end of the aquarium for the kids to release any extra energy. There are missions to encourage learning! The staff was very helpful and entertaining! The animals were large and some exhibits felt like you were actually with the animals.

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