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Raven Thomas

2 weeks ago

I feel WEIGHTLESS! I'm a thrill junkie at heart and this is just what I needed to kick off my special day. Thank you Will O. for an amazing experience! I felt safe from the very start which gave me the confidence to go into the tunnel. I told my husband all I wanted for my birthday was to be around good people, good energy, and good food. This experience checked my first two boxes thanks to you.


Jan Botha

2 weeks ago

This is an awesome experience. Took my wife there for her birthday with our 2 children, ages 5 and 7. They loved it. Eager to do it again. Truly unique experience. Instructor was such a great guy and worked so nicely with the whole family.


Christopher Lofton

in the last week

This was an awesome experience. I watched my youngest have a ball. The show at the end was epic as well. Highly recommended place for a bunch of fun!


Matthew Church

2 weeks ago

Went last week I went with my brother and son had a gentleman by the name of Willo do our short training and was in the tunnel with us, I have an autistic son that was very scared but he tried to go through with it, when it came his turn he backed out. Willo was very kind and handled the situation very well, He didnt embarrass my son or call him out he just moved on to the next person, and even offered me and my brother and extra min in the air dive, The staff was very friendly all around, I felt the price was a little high for the time you got, but all in all it was a fantastic experience. I will try and go back . Thank you Willl-O for being a good trainer and guide.


Sam DeMary

8 months ago

Awesome experience! Brayden was an excellent instructor and had tons of energy. My 11 year old Son and I flew. We loved it, and purchased more flight time for my Son before we left(it's much cheaper to book, if you do it while you are still there). The flight chamber is much bigger and higher than it looks in any photos. Everyone is super helpful and patient. You'll never be able to feel this feeling unless you actually jump from a plane. Don't hesitate, anyone can do this. Brayden rocks!!!