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a week ago

Good place with real antiques and vintage items... little to no flea market or pier one garbage items. Ive found legit art deco in there, and they always have some booths with mid-century modern items. They also have a frequent shopper card where everytime you purchase over $50, they stamp it - once full, you get $25 discount which is a great thing. I do miss the deli restaurant they used to have in there... apparently a new food vendor is coming soon. Two breweries right around the corner in walking distance.


Meredith Schilling

a year ago

I love going to Gibson Mill Depot! Great deals and unique things! Last thing I bought was a metal donkey for my yard. But I've also purchased hand towels, lavender, furniture, and cookies there too! So much to see and browse. You can get lost in there...that's why they give you a map and the aisles are named for city streets. LOL No shade here tho, all good things! Bathrooms could be better, but it's a an old mill, so what else can you expect. I highly recommend visiting this place if you enjoy antiques!



3 months ago

Found this place by accident while traveling through. I have to say that its one of the best antique malls that Ive ever had the pleasure to experience. The Mall has many different things going on. If you cant find what youre looking for, you arent looking. My wife and I were able to find the items weve been searching for, for years. It has everything! Spent the day at the Antique mall then Craft Beer behind the mill. Its a great place to spend the day.


David Jay

9 months ago

It is what it is! Drove 3 hours to find a lot of reproduction glassware mixed in with an occasional real piece! most of the furniture is true antique! Lots of hand lotion booths! Lots of Coke remakes! Lots of reproduction carnival glass! When all is said and done I have to wonder it the sellers even know there selling imported reproductions as real antique? I doing this for over 50 years can tell just by looking at it. Remember real JADITE has the company name on the bottom of each piece. Also antique glassware will almost never look brand new! Lots of Hobnail reproductions.Great way to tell is the M on the bottom of the piece. There are true antique dealers peppered through out the place. It IS a nice place to visit and I will return. Just be careful and research the item you intend to buy.


grace north

6 months ago

Awesome place! Concord staple. I love walking through all the booths and seeing all the stuff people have collected throughout the years. Last time I went someone had old yearbooks which was really cool to look through :) great times

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