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Phyllis Wyatt

2 weeks ago

What a great place. I love that it's on my way to work so I can stop in for my favorite Mocha and a maple nut scone. Love the food. Good prices and a great location. Everyone there is so friendly and welcoming. My go to morning stop.



3 weeks ago

What a wonderful local meeting place. Great coffee, amazing desserts and pastries, but even more importantly the service is AMAZING


Sarah S

3 months ago

I had their Allegiance latte and it was wonderful. Its sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet. It was great for me because I put sugar in my lattes anyways. The staff there are super friendly. I was impressed with their drive to provide great customer service. I really enjoyed my time there and I cant wait to come back. I also like how they have non-coffee options and sweets! Perfect for families. Highly recommend



2 months ago

I want to shout out a great review for this Coffee Shop!! They are wonderful! Not only do they have outstanding coffee...The owners are very inspiring and comforting!! I had an experience that I can't keep to myself!!! I had a mocha frappe with extra shot of the Gospel!! Jesus is Lord!! Many blessings to Amber and Andrew may God continue to use you!! Thank you!!!


Katherine Thompson

2 weeks ago

I love coffee! I've worked as a barista and know what it takes make great coffee. So, I order a mocha with unsweet almond when I go to a new place. It's a basic latte that cannot be messed up, so if it is, then I don't go back. But this time, I loved it! I'm curious what mocha syrup was used. I was too fascinated with the coffee grinder and how it worked to stop and see what they were using and I respected that they were too busy to ask. I'll be stopping in again soon! Thank you for a great coffee!