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Steph R

2 months ago

Looking for something to do, bored, trying to do something fun with a group, like board games, know someone that does? This is the place to go to. So cool and chill. They're next to the brewery and they have snacks too. This place is huge, private room, storefront, Cafe area, big library of games. I was impressed by the wide variety of games they had in the library. This is part of the Gibson Mill that they are redoing/remodeling a great addition and nothing really like it nearby. They even have membership options for the whole family if you guys like family game nights. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Plenty of parking, decent hours for now perfect place to spend on a rainy day.


Amy Homesley

7 months ago

My husband and I have been frequenting this place for a while it is our favorite place. The first time we came in we were amazed by the wonderful welcoming atmosphere and the concept of the place. For a super low price you spend the day playing board games and have someone whos has played help explain the rules. I seriously can not express how cool this place is and its family friendly too! Love love love this place and the people who work there! You HAVE to visit if youre in the area!!


Michelle Pierce

6 months ago

This was such a fun event! I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. This is such a neat concept. You pay a small entrance fee in order to stay and play as many games as you would like. And they have PLENTY to choose from. With over 1,000 games available, you are sure to find something you enjoy. After each play, every game is checked to make sure all of the pieces are there. There are snacks and drinks available for purchase. The owners are amazing....very friendly and accommodating. They facilitated our large group in a game of Werewolf, which was sooooo much fun. I definitely plan to come back with my family and take advantage of some screen-free fun!


Blissa Wood

a year ago

Found this amazing gem of a place yesterday and couldn't have been happier! The selection of games is incredible, and the game-tenders were so welcoming and super knowledgeable! They were also appropriately attentive, with their clever card signal system! The space is also really nice. Very clean and spacious, with a good mix of concession options, and adjacent to the new High Branch Brewing location if you want an extended beverage menu. I was also really impressed with their plans for future events, pricing options (allowing pay-per-visit or a cancel-any-time subscription model), and Ambassador program! On the whole, a must-visit for anyone who enjoys table games of any kind. Or just fun in general. Definitely roll the dice on this place; you won't be disappointed!


Hopefully Ginger

a month ago

I run a once a month teen social D&D game here! We have a blast. Nick is incredibly accommodating of the sensory needs of the teen group and the snacks are delicious! They have a great selection of games, lots of space to play, and a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere!

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