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Blissa Wood

2 months ago

Found this amazing gem of a place yesterday and couldn't have been happier! The selection of games is incredible, and the game-tenders were so welcoming and super knowledgeable! They were also appropriately attentive, with their clever card signal system! The space is also really nice. Very clean and spacious, with a good mix of concession options, and adjacent to the new High Branch Brewing location if you want an extended beverage menu. I was also really impressed with their plans for future events, pricing options (allowing pay-per-visit or a cancel-any-time subscription model), and Ambassador program! On the whole, a must-visit for anyone who enjoys table games of any kind. Or just fun in general. Definitely roll the dice on this place; you won't be disappointed!


Steve Foster

3 weeks ago

My absolute favorite venue for low key fun in Concord. Wonderful and helpful staff, tons of engaging board games, ample food and drink. This is my go-to fun stop when I have family in town and want to have a fun time! From my kids to my mother, everyone I've brought to Luck Factory Games has had just a wonderful time.


Gemma Pisano

a month ago

As someone who gets overwhelmed easily, I was a little nervous picking my first game. Everyone who works here is SO helpful. They give you game suggestions based on what youre looking for. The owner even came over to us and offered to explain the game instructions to us. This made the game 100x easier to learn! Highly recommend checking them out!


Dean Nestvogel

3 months ago

I have now visited luck factory games several times and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. The staff is super enthusiastic about their craft and take good care of their customers. A.couple of cool things that make them different from other game stores. 1. They or their ambassadors will teach you the games and you can play before you buy. 2. They have around 1000 different games to play so instead of taking a chance buying a game you havent played., see if they have it and sample it. 3. Its a cafe. Eat, drink be merry. Where else can you enjoy a beer and a game. 4. Its family friendly and safe. I bright my kids and they had a blast.


big buck

3 months ago

This place is awesome. Friendly knowledgeable staff. More games to play than able to count. Want to play a new game, staff will help you learn it. Will be going back. Family game night, but yet going out.

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