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Martin Hall

a year ago

Overall this is a great place to get breakfast food. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. They have outside and inside seating and great food. While it was a little on the pricey side, the food was worth it. When we went they did a question and your answer would be what they called out for when your food was ready. Great place.


Ben McGuire

10 months ago

Ive only come once so far, but really enjoyed myself when I did. They have a nice selection of craft biscuits to choose from. A little bit pricey, but these biscuits are enough to make two meals out of. Clean environment. Staff was friendly.


Tom Szelag

2 months ago

Not bad! I'd say it's just a bit short of a place like Biscuit Love in Nashville, but pretty good. Especially for a chain, I'd say it's respectable. It's not necessarily "cheap" but you're getting a filling meal; one Five & Dime to start the day is more than enough to carry me through to a late lunch! The overall space is very casual, no frills, but clean. I might not go out of my way for it, but it's a good choice if you're nearby.


Steven Hamburg

3 months ago

Food was unique and delicious. Staff are a lot of fun and very attentive! Food was prepared very quickly. Their maple tap coffee is the perfectly refreshing drink everyone should have first-thing in the morning!


Tsuki Shirogane

5 months ago

This was a great experience haha! I loved how they call out the drinks/food. It's super fun! The food is great, fountain drinks self serve. They have a nice area outside to eat as well. Not bad at all!

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