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Doug Falls

4 months ago

NASCAR Racing Experience was AWEsome!! The track crew were all very helpful, the video and instructor got me ready for the racing experience, and the spotter talked me through it the whole way. I especially loved being at Richmond where it's all about the driving. A Bucket List checked off - but I'll be back for more, definitely recommend it!


Jesse Olson

4 months ago

The driving was awesome! As a follow up to our experience we were called by Tyler to make sure the experience was a great one. I appreciate the follow up to events that were out of everyone's control. Thank you again!


Alyson Massengill

2 months ago

The Andretti ride along experience was a suprise gift for my husband's 50th birthday. We arrived 15 minutes early as instructed for his 1:00 session. He climbed in the car at 2:32. I realize it was a busy day and the person I spoke with said they had several walk-ins, but waiting in the summer heat for nearly 2 hours with not even a vending machine availabe or much cover near the track to get out of the heat was a little too much for myself and 3 children. These issues are so easily fixable and with the prices of these experiences easily affordable to offer a 5 star experience. At the very least, had I known that we would be there more than an hour, I could have planned better. We did receive an apology from the gentleman getting drivers/riders ready which was appreciated. Overall we give the experience 4 stars because my husband enjoyed the ride along very much but hope these suggestions will be seriously considered in the future. *side note- I was only able to snap one picture of the experience because my phone actually displayed the message "phone is too hot"!


Wayne Foster

5 months ago

Great folks. Look forward to working with them soon!


Eiren Burkhart

a year ago

Paid for 16 minutes of driving. They messed up the schedule and hubs got pulled out of his car after 8 minutes. Said they were sorry and he could get his 16 minutes all over again and a faster chip once the car came back. We waited THREE HOURS before he could get back in the car again and after the first 8 minutes of driving they made him get out again and said tough luck you paid for 16 and you drove for 16... if you say youre going to do something you should keep your word. Another poor gentleman in our group with MS paid for 16 minutes with video of his drive and they forgot to take his video and basically told him to get over it. He said he wont be able to drive much longer and probably will be in a wheelchair before hed save up enough to do it again. The driving was fun but extremely disgusted with how everyone was treated.

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