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David Zack

3 weeks ago

American flag hanging in the dining room will keep my wife and I coming back. People are friendly and the coffee is great!


Sarah S

a month ago

I had their Allegiance latte and it was wonderful. Its sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet. It was great for me because I put sugar in my lattes anyways. The staff there are super friendly. I was impressed with their drive to provide great customer service. I really enjoyed my time there and I cant wait to come back. I also like how they have non-coffee options and sweets! Perfect for families. Highly recommend



2 weeks ago

I want to shout out a great review for this Coffee Shop!! They are wonderful! Not only do they have outstanding coffee...The owners are very inspiring and comforting!! I had an experience that I can't keep to myself!!! I had a mocha frappe with extra shot of the Gospel!! Jesus is Lord!! Many blessings to Amber and Andrew may God continue to use you!! Thank you!!!


Summer Post

a week ago

been twice now, first time wasnt as good as we as hoped so decided to try it again. great coffee! wish they had more flavor syrup options than just caramel, vanilla, and chocolate mocha... hoping more comes as they grow as a business!! on our first visit we watched one barista use his finger to pat down coffee grounds instead of scraping with a knife, was a bit concerning for us to see especially with how careful we need to be with germs right now. second time was better, quick, & coffee was great! will be back :)


Andreas Werner

a week ago

My wife and I have been waiting for a coffee shop like this for 5 years. It is a quick in an out with a modern spacious layout. The coffee itself is a step above anything else in the area. If you see yourself as a coffee drinker, this place is for you.