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Ron Blois

a week ago

It was a total rush. I hit 128mph on the track at Charlotte. I would recommend driving yourself over taking the ride-around. The engineering on the cars is amazing. The cars hold the track perfectly. My one negative from the experience was my eyeglasses. The helmets do not allow you to comfortably wear your glasses under the helmet. But if I could do it again, I would do it in a heart beat.


The Cafe Coupon

3 weeks ago

I actually bought this from Groupon, as a birthday gift for my husband and he had a great experience. We arrived at the time we were told to, checked in, and only waited maybe 15 minutes for his turn. Everyone was very nice and helpful. It was fun to see him go around and around. It was quick (only 3 laps), but my husband said that was enough. It was a lot of fun and FAST! It was a great deal and I would definitely recommend this.


Darlene Mangrum

2 months ago

Ive had the pleasure of experiencing everything the Racing experience has to offer...twice! Did 6 laps on a ride-along first and thoroughly enjoyed the insane speed and thrill of riding passenger. Then drove one for myself and the adrenaline rush was so amazing that I had to return to do it again a few months later! Actually beat my first top mph the second time too! Cant wait to go back for my third time around! Worth every dollar and then some! Simply amazing!


Joe Shaffer

2 weeks ago

This was a gift from my wife for my 51st birthday. We got married 10 days before my 50th and it was a very low key event. She felt bad so she made up for it on my 51st birthday in a huge way. This was an amazing gift and I had so much fun, I have been wanting to do it again with my brother-in-law so he can feel the excitement of being behind the wheel. Planning this next adventure already...


JD Hicks

a week ago

This experience was good and I enjoyed myself, however my wife paid for the 2 - 8 lap sessions which were not fulfilled at the time. After I reviewed my video that I purchased I was only give 2 - 4 lap sessions. Make sure if you pay for the 2 - 8 Lap Sessions, you get your full 8 laps on each run. Would I recommend this product, sure just make sure you get what you paid for.