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Gary Rabinowitz

2 months ago

I was so nervous when my car hit the track, but very quickly the adrenaline rush kicked in and I put the the pedal to the floor, and with the assistance of the voice in my helmet, I raced around the track at 135 mph. It was one of the most exhilarating feelings I ever had. The only other time I felt that way was after the first time I saw Jimi Hendrix in concert.


Freddie Steel

2 months ago

This is an adventure of a lifetime as far as I'm concerned. Circling the track in an 800hp race car is an experience of a lifetime!


Joshua Campbell

3 months ago

Had an 8am start time for Sat May15 for the Andretti experience. Went through the short class with the NASCAR guys and then went out to go. The entire 8AM class and much of the 9AM Nascar class went before I got in the car. Did not get in the car until after 10:15!! Bought Sat tickets for the 4 wide NHRA event and picked the 8am start time on purpose to get over when the gates opened for NHRA. Was late to that due to the 2 hour wait to get in the car.. When asked to talk to someone after it was over I was just shuffled along to the racer checkout and never allowed to speak to anyone!! Experience was great, but staffing and management was pitiful, especially when you pay almost $650!!! Update: Was contacted by Tyler from the company and was able to make things right again. Easy communication, hopefully next time will be 5 stars.


Tyler Kissel

10 months ago

My ride along at Charoltte Motor Speedway was the best ending to my best weekend ever!! You have to ride along Andretti!


Mark Johnson

a year ago

Absolutely incredible! Surprised my nephew with this while we were on a tour of the track and the staff absolutely made his day by arranging for him to ride in #24, his favourite. Double-surprise when I told his dad that he was going as well. Both were speechless afterwards. Can't say enough about the friendly staff and drivers. An amazing experience!

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