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Mario Andretti Racing Experience



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Larry Calton

3 months ago

Texas Motor Speedway, 2016 Outstanding. Crews great, spotter easy to work with, car handled perfect at full speed (158 mpg max available) prep meetings good, everyone friendly throughout, total time around 4 hours. As a former short track racer for many years and checking out the "other" racing experience at K.C., this was by far the best: no one must ride with you, again, great spotter who turned me loose at full speed after two full speed laps. I plan to do it again future. Appreciated the offer to work some as a crew member.


Amy Baker

4 weeks ago

We have done this at Charlotte twice now. First time was terrific. This time my husband and son both drove as this was their Christmas Gift. I totally understand the mother nature is beyond their control, so the 2 hour delay in deicing and drying the track is not anything I would complain about. My concerns during this experience were: 1) The instructor is a very nice man, but not have the computerized instruction in working order and then asking someone in the class to fix it repeatedly seemed a bit much. My 18-y-o grandson tried to assist him and got it running, but when the system shut down mid way through the presentation, neither the instructor or my grandson could get it going again. One would think that if you have 26 people paying $300 or more a piece to participate, you would ensure that the driving and safety instructions would be working. The instructor tried to go over safety things, but seemed to continue to repeat the same parts of the lesson over and over. 2) I purchased the special video of both my son and husband's driving experience. When we got back to the hotel (because we traveled from Upstate NY down 12 hours to do this) we inserted the drive into multiple devices looking for their video, only to find nothing. I called the racing experience number to explain nothing was there. Their response was to call back on Monday when "Alan" can help me. So when I was able to speak with Alan, he said "please send the thumb drives back to them for review and then he will consult his managers to determine what can be done." I then asked if the videos are backed up elsewhere and was told no. So the fact that I didn't take pictures or video myself because I bought this great new package, meant we have no record of their individual drives. It's almost like thinking your wedding pictures are being taken to commemorate the event and then your photographer says, oops, it didn't work. I really don't want to speak badly of this program because it does offer a great experience for those driving, but it would seem that you would have ironed out the kinks when hiccups occur, given the cost of the experience.


Fred Pane

3 months ago

This is a 5 star experience. I would recommend a ride along first, if you haven't driven one of the NASCAR's before, to just get the feel of the track and handling of the car, especially in banked turns. With the spotter speaking to you and you driving the car, it is as close as you will get to what the "Real Drivers" experience. The more you drive, the more speed and comfort you will get with the cars. You will enjoy the rush of 150 mph plus during the drive. It is becoming a yearly experience for my brother(s) and I.


Tom Mclain

3 months ago

Had a fantastic time! Definitely go for the package with the most seat time or laps, It's over before you know it. Staff was great. It's harder than you think to stay off the chip and keep your speed up. This is the event to do if you are looking into getting the office together to have some fun.


Mark Drescher

a month ago

Three of us wen't for a drive experience. We all had a great time. All of the staff were very friendly and professional. The race experience was once in a life time. Well once until I go back, then it will be twice in a life time. I will be back!