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Nancy Brown

a month ago

Just came back from the NASCAR racing experience and I am still smiling. I had an experience of a lifetime, and if you are thinking about putting this on your bucket list, do it! I cannot thank the staff enough, these guys and gals were great. They made sure everyone was safe and felt safe. I would do this again in a heartbeat. The video was awesome and well worth it. Thanks again for a spectacular day. Rick B.


Tim Connolly

3 weeks ago

I have driven faster in my Corvette on the highway. These cars have a governor on the engine and if you are constantly riding the rev limit, the "instructor" on the radio will ban you from the track. Save yourself the money. You are better off going to a driving school where they don't have so many limits in place.


Frank Suarez

a month ago

My sister got thiis for me on Christmas. It was an amazing experience and what a rush. Everyone was helpful and professional.


André Krasauskas

a week ago

Today I visit the nascar experience at daytona. It's my worst experience in my all live. I'm from brazil and my English it's not for good but before I bought I ask if it's possible drive and received the radio information and someone told me it's ok. We arrived early because I'm very excited, it's a dream drive a nascar in daytona , during the waiting time for my schedule hour a terrible accident happens in pit lane, a woman driver don't brake and hit another car with a old man, first I run to look to wife because her seated in front at the pitlane and everything ok. But look around and the old man wife it's terrified about the acident, I try ask calm down for her and seat her in the chair, no one of the members crew support her. In my time to go to the track I remember again my English it's not so good please be patient, if is possible told me just necessary, but for my surprise, after I entry in my car I can Heard I discussion between spoter and another drive, I not ok after the accident and now I not ok about this, focus I'm my responsability in drive the car and go to the track, nobody told me the radio it's open for all, spoter and drivers on the track. The radio it's a Mess, terrible sound ( the woman drive it's an American redident, what's happen for her don't brake )everyone talk together, again I'm focus in understand the car the track, someone call andy ou andri, my name is andre, I'm not pay attention in the radio because it's terrible understand, the yellow flag flash in the circuit, ( during the training, nobody talk about the flags, it's stranger but ok. But in my moment a flag it's flashing? Ask what's happening look around and everything it's ok, press the gas and new messages in radio call andy , someone ask me stop the car right now,the other car stop in my front and a grumpy old man unplug my seat belt anda ask me you don't ear i respond my name is andre no andy, he think for a fews seconds e call me leave the car, I was treated like a criminal man, all the time I look around all the time I stayed in my line and I practically got kicked off the track. It's unbelievable the treatment with the public the form to help everyone after the acident. I'm not recommend this experience. Sorry my bad english but it's very important share this terrible and worst service.


Cheney Larkins

6 months ago

Had a ball just watching the guys. Not for me but very fun place.

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