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Luke Carnes

a month ago

Love the beer and the ambiance. LOTS of seating, which is great. Staff is always VERY nice and makes great suggestions. The bussers are on point- rarely does an empty glass or pitcher sit on the table for more than a few moments. Overall, just a great local brewery. Tons of events and activities every week. Saw stand up there once, and while the comedians were abysmal, it's awesome they have things like that. They are family friendly, so if that's not your thing, be aware. Even late on the weekends there will be kids all over the place. Not really a huge deal, but if you don't want to drink around kids, maybe not the place for you.


Cory Meade

2 months ago

Great venue. I was really impressed by Cabarrus' location. Lots of breweries in the Charlotte area really feel like bars, but Cabarrus Brewing really has a great brewery vibe. It's very spacious and comfortable. They will have a beer on tap for everybody in your group, so it won't be hard to find something that you like. Many of the beers were solid, but not amazing. The Double Stitch, however, is out of this world.


Bernard Shipman

a week ago

Good beer made right there. Friendly staff and patrons, nice selection of food trucks in the summer.


Tony Laughter

a month ago

Beer is ok, too bad, was really hoping for geat brew , as I can walk to it! But that's not the main problem. This place is a kid's play ground. RUNNING around all over the place. Often doing laps around the tables. Parents (obviously) love it. Day care while you drink. Never, seen anything like it, in a bar setting. Heard the same complaint from others. Each to his own. Not for me (visited to reduce stress and relax - NOT SO!) Update: Ok, it's been several months since my last review. I have to say that the beer and selection have improved, noticeably. Great job! And I have to add that All the bartenders are genuinely nice. As for my previous kid's running wild complaint, guess I'll just have to change my seat when needed (oh well, worth it or I wouldn't be visiting Cabarrus Brewery)


Helen Porter

in the last week

I love this place! Great beer and a welcoming and convivial atmosphere where families and dogs are welcome!