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James Fritz

in the last week

I have used them over the years and always been happy w products and services. Recent I was in looking for a backpack, they didn't have one I liked, bought a few items. I purchased one from ll bean and was happy w it but being new to backpacking was having some issues. I called yesterday and spoke to Grace. Told her mt issues said I did not buy baxkpack there . She spoke to me a good 15 minutes helped me w all my questions and then said , if it doesn't help just come in w the backpack. Turned out what she helped me w was dead on perfect. Great customer service, ill be back in future. Update came back , did not purchase anything but got great service getting all my questions answered.



a month ago

I need another pair of Chaco shoes. I do not want to buy shoes in this price point online. I went online and searched stores in my area that have the style and size I need. I was excited to see that OPC In Charlotte, NC had what I was looking for. I made the drive and walked in the store. I was greeted by a little man directing me to a mask. The store was EMPTY as it was a Sunday afternoon. I let him know I am medically exempt from wearing a mask. He told me I could shop online. I explained that I wanted to try on the shoes and indicated the store was empty. I asked him if he was going to let me look at the shoes. He threatened to have me thrown out. I am greatly disappointed that this is the way this store is operated. I had just been in the OPC on the NC coast and could not have been more satisfied with the service and associates that worked with me there. Unfortunately they did not have the size I needed in stock. As this pandemic has spiraled out of control we have lost our sense of decency and kindness as well as common sense.


Tim Macaulay

6 months ago

Great Staff! Very friendly, knowledgeable, and personable. I bought a Top Water 106 just a few weeks ago. It would not keep up with my wife's Tarpon 100. I worked with Rudy (Manager) at Great Outdoor Provision to exchange my Top Water 106 and get the Bonafide Ex123. Thank you to Rudy and staff for helping me out!



3 months ago

I called first and Rudy was helpful in the phone. Then when I went in, Sam was so helpful. He talked to me and help me decide what to get. He did not try to sell me anything I didn't need. He told me exactly what would be helpful and was very pleasant. They have excellent customer service!


Jack Allen

a year ago

The immediate feeling upon entering Great Outdoor Provision Company is 'why did I not check this place out sooner?!' With so many great offerings there really is something for any lover of the outdoors. The one thing that legitimately stands out as the greatest quality of this store are the folks who work there. Not only are they friendly and quick to help but they actually care about customer questions and needs. One gentleman who I overheard having a conversation with someone on the phone offered to help further, through email, to resolve the questions of the caller. He could have just as easily not gone that extra mile and said 'sorry, I can't help you'. It is due to the service and excellent quality of the products that Great Outdoor Provision Company will be my first choice for outdoor recreational needs. I recommend to everyone.