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Sabrina Sutton

3 weeks ago

The ice cream is delicious and the flavor of the waffle cone was a mix of butter and pure sweetness made with love. I tried the Brown Butter Almond Brittle and it was creamy and sweet with chunks of candy pieces. I'm going back to try the Golden Nectar and a lavender flavor I saw on the menu. The customer service was also great.


Robin Champaign

a week ago

Great ice cream and fun activity on hot summer afternoon. For parents of kids with allergies it would be nice to see potential allergen listing with flavors. Not everyone is dairy free. Gluten, soy, nut too. Just a suggestion.


Charles Hooker

in the last week

I really do like their ice cream, but this location is still in full COVID mode for some reason. They have the door wide open and you aren't allowed to go inside. You have to pay $10 for some ice cream only to be forced to eat outside in the heat, and no access to any bathrooms. I had to drive home with sticky hands. Open up folks!


Amanda Deason

3 weeks ago

Kept it simple with honey vanilla since this was my first experience here. Disappointed that they do not offer samples, was told they could describe them to me, I didn't need a description, I can read. What I got was good, just didn't care for the exchange with the employee.


Caroline Gunning

a month ago

They literally handed me a bowl of ice cream soup. They had someone taking orders in the line but then they were preparing the ice cream beforehand which of course resulted in people getting melted ice cream. For $5 they want to hand me melted ice cream? No thanks. Ill support local like two scoops or golden cow next time.

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