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Brandon Lipscomb

a month ago

Fun little place we stumbled across after dinner. All the flavors sounded good, and we really enjoyed the special they were running. I enjoyed the fact that you can do two 1/2 scoops for the same price, instead of having to buy two scoops to try different flavors!


Lizsolette Williams

2 weeks ago

Ice cream was good. I shared it was my first time and my birthday. The young lady was nice, said oh okay and answered my questions about the ice cream. Just slightly disappointed that saying Happy Birthday wasn't part of my customer service experience. Usually any food service type of establishment will say Happy Birthday. That's my only reason for not giving it 5 stars. I'll go again.


Trevor Nunn

a month ago

Very cozy and great location. Plenty of outdoor areas to sit and no joke, the best vanilla ice cream Ive ever had. I didnt even know vanilla could be that delicious. Great summertime treat!


Tamira Johnelle

2 months ago

The ice cream is exceptional. I brought a family member here from out of town. I was excited for her to try out the ice cream. Theyre still not giving samples. (Ive been to other ice cream places and theyre back to giving out samples.) I purchased a flavor for her that she wanted to try. She didnt like it and ended up throwing out the entire ice cream. This wouldnt happen if they were giving out samples. I understand the touch less thing theyre trying to do, but no one seems to be concerned about touch less if I put cash tips in their mason jar. Please start giving out samples again. It helps in making a purchase. I didnt buy anything for myself because I wanted to try the flavor first.


Katherine Yegues

3 months ago

Best ice cream ever! My family and I have been to all Charlotte locations, and this one is my favorite. Plenty of parking when hanging out with all the extended family. It is in the middle of a wonderful shopping center, so you can go shopping or have a meal in a great restaurant and then head ove to Jenis for dessert. This is the kind of ice cream you can have a lot or a little of without it being boring, overpowering or losing its magic All their flavors are so well crafted. They offer no synthetic flavorings, less sugar than your average ice cream shop and the depths and layered flavors are so beautiful even someone who doesnt like sweets would enjoy it very much. I love ordering their 2 half scoop in a waffle cone. You can enjoy two great flavors without eating too muchnot that theres such a thing as too much Jenis ice cream. There is nice outdoor seating and some games to play with family and friends. I love how polite and fast their service is. Theres usually a long line nights and weekends but it moves fast and sometimes theyll have someone come to take your order while you wait so youll simply pay and receive your order sooner. Theyll also have their menu posted every couple of feet so you can decide what to get while uou wait in line.

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