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Mathew Winder

in the last week

This is one of my favorite places in Charlotte. Its my local deli, snack place and bar. Today they went above and beyond helping me setup snacks and beer for a meeting. The whole team is fantastic, loving and knowledgeable. Thanks for everything team!!


Rachael H

in the last week

I go here quite often to eat at the deli and sometimes grab a beer. I went this evening to get my usual sandwich and there was a board over the deli counter in the back telling me to order at the front off the late night menu. I asked the guy behind the counter how long this late night menu was a thing and he said over a year. Which, is not true. I couldnt even order a usual sandwich. The guy behind the counter was rude and brought what I ordered out on a plate when I told him I wanted it to go. He then huffed and puffed, and wrapped it up to go. Ive never had such awful service here. Im a local to the neighborhood and Ill travel to other common markets around town to avoid the awful and rude service here. What a shame.


Debbie Scott, Realtor

4 months ago

My office loves to order takeout from here. I had a delicious Cobb salad yesterday and the others enjoyed pumpkin bisque. Happy workers, happy office!


Jackson Arey

5 months ago

Girlfriend asked for vegan chili, and was served chili with meat in it, she also got a vegan sandwich and asked for no cream cheese...guess what was on her sandwich. Why have the options for vegans if you arent going to pay attention and make it correctly. Decent food, but this not the first time you all have issue following seemingly simple request.


Melanie E

2 weeks ago

I love the food & bevvie choices but I again come out of there smelling like cooking oil! They need to clean out their ventilation system!