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SB Khan

a year ago

This place opened last Tuesday December 21. Convenient parking and location. We got there around 8:15pm and they didnt seem busy but they lacked staff or speed my guess. Very new business so cant complain. They serve in togo boxes even if you eat inside. They will improve overtime hopefully. The staff will gladly take suggestions if you have any. Very nice and friendly staff. The owners were welcoming as well. Their grilled meats especially lamb tasted great. The Mediterranean chicken gyro wasnt to my liking. I wasnt asked about the sides that come with the platter so, didnt know what else to get. Grilled meats are highly recommended!


Kristi C.

9 months ago

The staff is very kind and pay great attention to detail with the food. I loved how clean the location is and the food was plated. I ordered the BBQ King Platter and it was delicious! I will definitely order this again. The chicken was juicy and flavorful, the beef was tender and the lamb was great. The house white sauce was definity a cherry on top !! I will definitely come back again and try some more food.


Suzanne Rallis

10 months ago

I've visited the food truck uptown twice and loved it so I couldn't wait for this restaurant to open. Finally had a chance to go for lunch, and it was well worth the wait! The chicken over rice was as delicious as I remembered, seems to have a slight nutmeg taste (that's a good thing!). The chicken kebab came with a salad that was so tasty, it didn't even need dressing (something pickled on it that gave it a lot of flavor). The portions are huge, the staff was friendly, and even though it was busy, we got our food fairly quickly. Highly recommend and will most definitely be back!


jw 38

12 months ago

The lamb gyros are very, very good. Very fast service. Clean restaurant and friendly staff. It's fairly expensive though. Lamb gyro was $11.99. Chicken is only $9.99 though. It takes about 2-3 minutes after ordering to get your food. They don't have a soda fountain, but have cans of soda. The bad part about that is they only have bottled water, so for us water drinkers, we either have to buy a bottle or water or bring our own. Overall, I highly recommend this place. I eyed it weren't so expensive, but it's good and fresh food. They serve breakfast also.


H. A. (Rocky)

a month ago

Im a Halal food enthusiast so if theres Halal place near or even few hours away Im going. Ive drove 1hr 30mins with family to Halal Street Food for dinner and it was worth the long drive. Firstly the food reminds the Halal food taste of New York, its very good, we ordered more than $100 worth of food and with zero complaint we all enjoyed it. If you love this kind of HALAL Food you must give them a try you wont be disappointed. The place clean and the staff is friendly, Highly recommended.

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