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Christine Homa

a month ago

I would like to give the most positive review of this joint and in particular, to contrast with an earlier review, the highest praise for Amelia B., my bartender. I went to OPP a couple of weeks ago for the first time because a coworker recommended it; it's just a bar with good food (100% accurate by the way). Yes, it was clear that Amelia B. has regulars from the time I sat at the bar, but it was also clear that people come back specifically FOR her. Not only is she a skilled and attentive bar tender, but she was so personable and considerate. My friends and I felt like we had another member of our group there socializing with us. The food was excellent, the drinks were great, and her personality created a fun and lighthearted ambiance. Customers talked to her like they've known her for years, which is remarkable considering she told us she had only started working there this past October. She was so cool to us, and the fact that she is a teacher full-time makes her even cooler. As for those who claim to have had a negative experience with her, I can only assume someone mugged and drugged her in the parking lot, stole her name tag, and tried to pass as her with a lousy attitude for the night. My friends and I cannot wait to take a seat at the bar again for chicken and waffles and for Amelia's stellar service!


Aura Agape

3 weeks ago

CHEERS! This place reminds me of a modern day Cheers! Very unpretentious. I enjoy the food and the drink specials makeup want to ask for more. The service is very accommodating and I feel comfortable to dine alone here when I have had a day where I don't want to cook. This hidden gem is ready for exposure. I look forward to having a weekend off in town so that I may finally experience the brunch that I hear people talk about when I visit with my friends.


Adam Strange

2 months ago

A nice little off the beaten path bar with great food and reasonable prices. My wife and I go here for breakfast and lunch a lot and it is also a great place to watch sports. Tons of TVs arranged so you have a good view from anywhere. Their wings are some of my favorite in South Charlotte area. Their burgers and sandwiches are also great to try. Cialis Burger is perfect! If you are headed over towards OMB or Sugar Creek for some beers, do yourself a favor and stop at old Pineville before or after and get some food.


Jacqueline Telljohann-Smothers

4 months ago

This is a good little hope in the wall in an unexpected area. A friend recommended it, so I scheduled a happy hour here. They have half price appetizers from 4-6pm Monday-Friday which is awesome. We got the tenderloin tips and the chicken skewers. Both were good, but I liked the tenderloin tips more. The tomato cucumber salad and sun-dried tomato sauce that the chicken skewers came with were pretty good, but the chicken itself wasn't special. The drinks were cheap and we were there on a Wednesday when everything on tap was $1 off. They have tons of TVs all around, so this is a great place to come watch any sporting event. The one disappointing thing was that the service wasn't that great. It often took a while for someone new to get served and to get refills. All in all, I think this is an underrated bar with surprisingly good food. I would come back and try a burger next time.


Larry Lipscomb

a month ago

A real gem just off Woodlawn Road. Great burgers, service and prices.