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Jonathan Sigrist

2 months ago

Honestly one of the best bars I have been to in a long time. Bartender was extremely friendly, beer selection was great and the atmosphere is exactly what you want when visiting a cozy late night bar. Live music can be quite loud but if visiting before it doesn't get much better.


Chris R

4 weeks ago

This business' standards are ridiculous. I came in just before closing and made sure to ask a bartender what time they close. She confirmed 1am before I ordered several drinks, was charged for about $32 and tipped $10. Went on to the porch to have the drinks. After 10 minutes, a man started to yell and harass everyone out the door. He approached me on the porch, albiet screaming at me for at least 3 minutes telling me I couldn't be there and needed to get out. Literally escalated an altercation. As if looking for a fight. I didn't illicit this behavior, I just wanted to drink my nearly $45 worth of drinks. But no. He wouldn't allow us to finish our drinks without "taking them outside the gate." Seriously? I asked for a manager and she came out and, I kid you not, yanked a drink out of my friend's hand. Literally as he was taking a sip. Now, let's not get confused, I am well aware of bar business times and individual company preferences, so I understand closing times. Where this business made a mistake is, for one, selling the drinks in the first place if they don't intend to honor the time allotted to drink them. A business can specify what time they want drinks done and establish a cut off. She was so cordial taking my card before all of this. Now, most pointedly? They did specify we could "put them in a cup and take them outside." A highly illegal practice offered freely to us, mind you. Told us we could have our drinks "anywhere but there." Not only that, but when approached about all this, the "owner" "called the cops" and the "owner" wished we'd "stick around for 15min so we would get arrested." Are you serious? Is that really the business you want to run? Know the people you are talking to. Realize not everyone is drunk and belligerent like you apparently assume. This "owner" said he didn't want my business. Seems the business is built on manhandling patrons out the door only minutes after they arrive, even when those patrons make it a point to confirm they are still welcome to be served. I cannot describe the malcontent these people had with me 10 minutes after my arrival. If you, as a business, do not intend on allowing patrons to finish the drinks they paid for, don't serve ANYONE after the 30 minute mark. Make a last call. It is with so much disappointment that I relay that these people actually had the audacity to ask me "who do you think you are?" A patron! I'm a self-aware, money-spending patron! I spent money at your business AFTER I confirmed I was allowed to do so! I'm literally floored. I've bartended, I've been a front of house/back of house manager, a GM, etc. I've even kicked people out! Your employees appear to have been trained to be crass, misleading, and, in short, pushing the line of acceptable. I will be saying something to the BBB. And they said they refunded my tip when I went back in to revoke it. Rest assured, I will be monitoring my bank account. I'll promise you this: the employees at Smokey Joe's offered me to "take our beverages outside the gate in a cup." I think they'll realize that mistake soon enough.


Alicia Malcomb

2 years ago

I went for the Open Mic last night and really enjoyed my visit. The people were cool and the atmosphere was great. A lot of great music happening on that stage. I will definitely be back!


Julie Stevens

a year ago

Wow I'm sad I've been missing this one all these years. Very cool spot. I was the DD this time but sure hope to come back to enjoy it when I'm not! Great bartenders, awesome decor, stocked bar and really cool people. It was also clean. As old as it is, I was really surprised how clean it was.


daniel caldwell

a month ago

One of the Coolest bar in town! Tuesday nights open mic with lots of great musicians!

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