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Zachary Conti

a month ago

Food: came on Sunday and got the Ribs which were superb, rest of food was normal Service: Fast and Friendly food and beer service Ping Pong: nice equipment and tables had a ton of fun Billiards/staff treatment: It was our first time there we walked over and asked how to get the balls, he showed us that it had a money machine on the side so I went up to the bar to get change from a 20. As I was getting the change telling the guy we were going to play, regulars walk in and the guy getting me the change throws them the keys to the table. They get the balls out and start playing for free instead of us. We sit at a normal table directly next to it to wait, and before we get a chance to play, more regulars walk in, say hello to the staff, and butt in the next game. We made eye contact with the staff at the front and he knew but said nothing. It felt like an episode of a high school drama so we just left to find another bar.


Monie Mo

2 weeks ago

This place is really nice and it's actually bigger than you would think. There's a bar and restaurant inside with pool tables. And when you walk out the back door you have another bar with fire pits outside and an area for you to play ping pong. They also offer cornhole.


Captain Daniela Dukes

in the last week

Excellent service and atmosphere. There was a great live band as well. I enjoyed myself.


Anthony Scott

a month ago

I hadn't heard of this bar before co-workers had mentioned about going. However, I have talked to friends about this place and everyone has heard of it. They had a band that sounded pretty good and the bar seemed to get more busy as the night went along. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. The staff was friendly and the process seemed reasonable.


Eric Jordan

a month ago

Good bar. Tends to get crowded making it hard to get a drink. Bartender do an excellent job working through the crowd. Looked like they served food late. One of the best outside bar areas in Plaza.