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Joan Morisky

2 weeks ago

Fun bar, great street counter. Seems like a great place to meet friends and share a drink or two. Bartender friendly, good service and suggestions. Would really like classic cherries instead of the fruit cocktail version for my upscale drink. Will give them another chance to get it right though!


Sporadic Travels

a month ago

Went with friends for St. Pattys day. We were all slightly disappointed that they were only offering a limited menu, however we all found something to eat. One of my friends got fish and chips which she liked. She ate all the fish, but didnt finish the fries or the peas. My second friend got the Workmans burger and both of them said it was one of the best burgers they both have ever had. I dont eat meat, so I didnt try it. I had really wanted the purple potato gnocchi and or some mashed potatoes and cabbage or some other vegetable vegetarian dish, but they refused. So I went with the grilled cheese and it wasnt anything to write home about. I had the potato leek soup, which tasted more like flavored mashed potatoes, but it was ok because I was craving mashed potatoes. The staff was cordial. The ambiance and decor was really nice. It reminded me of being back in Belfast. I really liked sitting by the fireplace as I was cold and it warned me up! It was quite clean and the restrooms were sufficient. Overall, I would visit again when they are offering the full menu or if I was talking friends to the bar- the bar is partially outside and fully stocked!


Kenise Taylor

a month ago

Definitely a great place to stop after a hard days work on a Monday. Great drinks and pub food. I tried the beef stew and a side salad. The salad came in a Togo cup but it was delicious either way. Definitely stopping by here again.


Omar Hernandez

3 months ago

I love the ambience of the restaurant.. The asparagus was good ,my friend's hamburger said it was great. But I had muscles It was supposed to be with white wine and butter very bland didn't taste the wine didn't taste the butter, it was like not good. But I would definitely go back and try other things especially the Burger my friend loved it.


James Brandt

3 weeks ago

Wonderful atmosphere for dining or drinking. The mussels were delicious and the chips/fries were one of a kind! Take a date or friends and try a table in the back by the fire! Great spot

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