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William Blase

4 months ago

This place is fantastic! Great beers and great service! They treat you dog as good as you. You feel like a friend not a customer coming in here. Every beer is on point so no matter what you get you can expect excellence! My favorite beer was the coconut chocolate Porter. If youre a fan of coconut this beer is a must have! I cant wait to go back!


Kimberly McCollie

5 months ago

Been here a couple times by myself and it was okay vibe, I mainly came back for one main bartender (black woman she's the only one in there when I visit on Wednesdays and Thursdays) has awesome personality. On this particular day I overheard the owner (Teri) literally complain about her staff members and their work ethics. As a small business owner, it but a really bad taste in my mouth to hear the owner talking bad about her employees to other patrons in the establishment. Which probably explains the high turnover in this business the last couple months due to her bad mouthed the employees. I talked to several of my neighbors that doesn't visit the place anymore due to the owner Teri. It's very unfortunate because Ray makes great beer, another reason that made me come. But its unfortunately the energy that the owner brings into the establishment doesn't make the locals come anymore we will just go to @$$ clown or D9 brewing. Beside the bartender I mention earlier every time I walked into this place there is a new face which mean they don't know none of us or what we prefer to drink. When you go to places like this the bartender is the person you establish a relationship with and makes you want to come back, you become a regular because of the bartenders which makes the establishments. When all said and done I definitely Teri is bullying her employees which is the main reason for the high turnover in this brewery. If you read this Teri Employees don't leave companies, they leave management. Thank you to the bartender and Ray for making the times I used to come memorable. Have a Bless Day!!


Elliot Stegall

4 months ago

I visited Eleven Lakes Brewing this past week because I was visiting from Greenville, SC. This is one of the best breweries I have ever been to, let alone in North Carolina. I did not have a bad beer from the draft and especially loved the Sweet Mama Yama and the River Otter Red. Terry and her team were so great I visited twice in the same week. They were super hospitable and made a fun and welcoming atmosphere. It is impossible to say anything bad about the place and anyone who tries can go kick rocks! Keep up the great work, I will definitely be back.


Cel St.Pierre

a year ago

Really cool microbrewery with a very interesting story (started in a bathtub). Love the Buy a Vet or First Responder board! Semper Fi (have a brew on us) Lots of small vignette seating. And there is a shuffleboard, if you are so inclined.


Jerry Saussol

3 months ago

Great beer and awesome place. Love it!

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