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Jaydy Bug

3 months ago

I come here regularly after work and I have never had such an amazing experience . This place is now the only place I will go to. Not only is the beer and food top notch .. But There is this one bartender who always goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. Chance is the number one reason that I will always come back . He has provided the best customer service that I have ever received . This establishment is lucky to have such a personable and friendly bartender like he is !


Lauren Coote

2 months ago

The service was really good and the prices weren't bad at all! I would have given 5 stars but the brunch didn't taste very fresh. The atmosphere was perfect!


Lindsay V

a month ago

Good beer and great service. I tried four of the lighter beers and liked all of them. The location and atmosphere were both great - large indoor bar, plenty of indoor table seating, and a great outdoor area too. Food was underwhelming - it wasnt bad but it also wasnt great. Id go back for the beer & atmosphere but skip the food.


Joshua Johnson

a month ago

This is not a bad place. The food is good gastropub type food but they need to add something to deal with the sound. Quite cafeteria like. As for the back brewery I love seeing all that "stuff" but the lights where way to bright for dinner. They really only need a few tweaks to make it a really nice spot. Good now but missing the small touches of a truly established local gastropub.


Christy Fitzgerald

6 months ago

We sat at the bar so we wouldn't have to wait for a table. It was tough to get the female bar attendant's attention. She would look just over our heads as if she couldn't tell we were signaling her. I believe her name was Patty. The male server was working twice as hard as she was and he was very nice. He was trying to do the work of two. We were disappointed at the variety of beers. No brown ales. No red ales. Just not much at all. I did get a "smoked pecan" lager and it was good, but lacked full flavor. We ordered the fish tacos and a Zapata burger - both were good. The tacos said "served with lime wedges" - I had to ask for them. The pub chips said they were served with ranch. We had to ask for that. Patty said she'd bring us silverware. She didn't. We asked the male server and he immediately found some for us, and brought us limes, ranch, and extra salsa (salsa was bomb). Overall, the food: good. The service: lacking. The beer choices: lacking. I think they can do better.

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