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Lindsay V

10 months ago

Good beer and great service. I tried four of the lighter beers and liked all of them. The location and atmosphere were both great - large indoor bar, plenty of indoor table seating, and a great outdoor area too. Food was underwhelming - it wasnt bad but it also wasnt great. Id go back for the beer & atmosphere but skip the food.


Lady Grim

a week ago

This is why I rated it 1 star. Atmosphere was great in the daytime. The service was ok but slow and that food was not good at all. If you have an allergy to onions don't eat here. Everything is cross contaminated. The burgers where very, very, VERY DRY. Also, they add the tip into your bill and then ask if you want to leave another one. The water here is not even good.


Chris MacIntosh

4 months ago

Wife and I were having a rough week so stopped in for a couple beers and some comfort food. Jessica took excellent care of us and even comped a to-go dessert with dont worry, be happy written on the inside. Our fave brewery in the area continues to get better!


Melissa Cole

a year ago

Delicious food and friendly service. A big patio with shade, dog friendly. Not celiac friendly. A touch pricey for what it was; paid $14 for a southwestern salad with grilled chicken and $3 for a soda. With tip and tax, that's $20 for one person. Still, a nice spot.


Bob Dunn

2 months ago

First time back in a long time and man, it was AWESOME!! They have a new chef, updated menu, brunch, and everything we ordered was fantastic! Great beer selection, great atmosphere, outdoor seating and great service. I would certainly recommend stopping in if haven't been in awhile. Good times. Update 7-31-22 Unfortunately, this experience was not very good. It seems the chef is no longer there and the place has fallen back to it's earlier mediocre ways. It was not the cleanest place, floors were filthy and the staff was sweeping as we were ordering our food. This probably should have been done the night before or before they opened an hour earlier. We were the only folks in there on a Sunday for brunch, a time on Sunday when the place should be packed! The menu has gotten very limited, no signature items, nothing that stood out. I ordered a chicken sandwich and it was super dry and unfortunately was french fry free as the cook "forgot" to drop the fries. I will say that a bowl of fries was brought out after the fact for all of us to enjoy. Our other orders were just ok, but no one finished there food because it was awesome or anything. I will say that the wait staff was friendly and attentive and checked on us regularly. It's hard for me to understand because the last couple of times I've been here the food has been great! I guess it's just inconsistency with all the shrinkflation, supply, and labor issues were having in general. I'll give it a few weeks, maybe a month or so, and go back and see if things have changed. I sure hope so because I feel like this is place of a lot of potential!

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