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A Campbell

8 months ago

Excellent! Went on the behind the scene whiskey tour and tasting. Joe was our guide and he was great! Very knowledgeable. Love how the company tries to have as little waste as possible (leftover corn, wheat and rye mash is used to feed farm animals, some old barrels turned into furniture). And 50% of the sale of their Southern Star double rye whiskey goes to Purple Heart homes for veterans. Awesome! Got to the distillery off exit #54 on I-77. Really enjoyed. Highly recommend!


Bethany Kriz

a month ago

Stopped in to see the location. Had a wonderful time and tasted some of the wares! Really enjoyed the Double Shot Bourbon Cream and Paragon Wheated Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Took a bottle of each home!


Howard spake

7 months ago

Beautiful distillery .. great Bourbon Whiskey .. very large distillery wasn't expecting that large. Very informative and personalized Tour and Tasting.. great stop off .. Would definitely do it again soon .. thanks for the Hospitality.


Ryan Kam

2 months ago

Great place, was a very friendly place greeting me as soon as i entered. A beautiful sitting place with couches and chairs, a nice bar ready to serve you a drink. Its very open, the tour was fun, very informative and very springy the tour guide was. And to top it off they sold me on two of their bottles that one was very surprising that i bought it. Would happily take it again especially if they have more options to try


Paul Spencer

a year ago

Melissa Kenis was our tour guide today and she did an amazing job. Very knowledgeable and entertaining. If you have never been I definitely recommend checking out Southern Distilling. You really can't appreciate it until you are in the warehouse and have that wonderful smell of oak and bourbon hit your nose. Bourbon was delicious and we will be recommending to all of our friends and family. Come find out the history of bourbon and how this amazing family was able to help during the pandemic. It is so nice to see a family/company be able to do so much for their community.

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