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Jody Winfield

a year ago

I can't say enough good things about Zootastic Park. We went during Christmas time and we went at night. It's easy to get to off the exit. The first part is a beautiful lighted tunnel leading to animals roaming free. They come up to the car and are very friendly. There will be two lines, stay to the left, this will put you in direct contact with the animals. When this ends you drive to the Christmas lights, which are AMAZING!!! They go on for what seems like 5 miles and every inch is enjoyable. My granddaughters, 2yo and 5yo, loved it it stayed engaged. At the end of the lights you come to the actual park. Here you will find shopping, animals that you can feed and a few rides for the kids. My granddaughter said it was the greatest night of her life! I highly recommend Zootastic Park.


Levi Stroud

a year ago

We took the grandkids to this zoo and had a really good time! It was low-key, mostly outdoors, hands on (feed and carrots available for purchase), and had an awesome drive-through with lots of animals coming up to the cars. Great variety of animals. I wish they had more room and grass to graze!! Weekends offer a little more for the kids (carousel, tractor ride, etc.), but we were glad we went mid-day on a Friday. We will go again.


Diane Ribelin

11 months ago

I was very pleasantly surprised. I wasn't sure how much this place would offer, but was so happy we went. There was a wide variety of animals and they all looked happy and well taken care of. The pricing was reasonable, especially for getting feed to give to the animals. It was such a delight for our age ranges, everyone loved the experience. We got tons of pictures and we had a lot of fun. Definitely would come again when I am in the area.


Sharon Moore

7 months ago

Our family celebrated my grandsons birthday at Zootastic park. We loved feeding all the animals especially the giraffe! The grandchildren enjoyed the pumpkin painting and my grandson had his face painted like a tiger. After we walked around the park, we enjoyed the drive with animals sticking their heads in our windows! We were there from 12:30 to 4:30. It was great! We will be back!


Christine Nunziato-Bonenfant

9 months ago

Very hot day but one of the best free range zoos. Easy access to all animals. Easy parking and only cost $6. The Giraffes were inside but could put their necks through a window to eat carrot sticks out of our Hands. Carrot sticks were 1$ for a small cup full of them. Worth it. We saw a male and female lion being fed two chickens each. I was close enough I could hear the crunch of chicken bones. It took them less than 3 minutes to eat those birds.

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