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Jennifer Giordano

2 months ago

If you want homemade ice cream and you are in the town of Waxhaw this is the place to go. Everyone in Waxhaw knows of the Waxhaw Creamery because it such an iconic spot for ice cream. The creamery is so popular because you can bring family and friends and everyone you bring will love it. There a is a large variety of flavors and no matter what flavor you get the ice cream is always enjoyable. Personally, I love the taste of any homemade ice cream. I have traveled to many different towns and tried many different ice cream places, but the Waxhaw Creamery has the best ice cream I have ever had. The atmosphere at night is also unmatched. On summer days people get ice cream to cool them down while they walk around downtown Waxhaw. The ice cream is so good here that people travel from out of town to get a taste. I have never had a problem with the staff, they have always been friendly and helpful. The price for their ice cream is surprisingly affordable. Sometimes small-town places with quality products over charge a little but, in this case, it feels as if the Waxhaw Creamery undercharges.



in the last week

Im really disappointed in my banana split this time around. I was served rather quickly snd from the time she handed me my bag, till I got back to my car was probably 2-3 minutes. I opened it up and it was soup! There wasnt a single scoop of ice cream. It just tasted like chocolate ice cream soup with clumps of whip cream floating on top. I didnt even use the 2 spoons I was given, I just drank it straight out of the plastic boat! Terrible quality and awful presentation, better luck next time, I guess.


Randall Down

3 months ago

Walked into Waxhaw Creamery tonight with my family. There were no other customers in line and there were three employees standing behind the counter. No, welcome. No, good evening. Crickets. As we stood there trying to decide what flavor to order, all three employee just stared at us. No, can I help you. No, would you like a sample. Crickets. We just received blank stares from them. We were not going to support a business that has horrible customer service, so as we started to walk out, one of the employees, said: have a good night in a sarcastic tone. All three should be fired.


Quacey Davis

3 years ago

We go here mostly in the summer but they are open year round. The selection is good and generally they are busy with customers coming and going, but there is a decent size area for eating inside which fills up quickly. We stick with what we like with flavors but they have most of the popular ones. My favorite is chocolate chip or cookies in cream, but all are tasty! Staff is friendly and I think they make everything in house. I look forward to my next visit.


Fabio Teti

3 years ago

Hands down the best Ice Cream parlor in Waxhaw (and surrounding areas). My personal favorite is the Dark Chocolate ice cream. Parking isn't the greatest and it seems to always be busy, but the line moves quickly enough and it's always worth an outing.

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