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Jonathan Gibson

in the last week

What are fantastic shop!! Ice cream, which is the most important part, is absolutely amazing! A large assortment of delicious flavors. In addition, the prices in portion sizes are on point. The Establishment is very clean, and very well maintained. The staff are exceedingly helpful and kind. I would highly recommend this establishment to groups of friends and families alike. It's a great place to go for a refreshing treat.


Crystal Maisel

2 months ago

Wonderful new spot for an ice cream parlor that's been in Waxhaw for years! Gorgeous layout, much larger than the previously occupied location. As the name suggests, the ice cream is very creamy! They will mix flavors, add toppings, make sundaes, or blizzards. Very popular location, and you may just have to wait, especially in hot summer days, but it's worth it!


Andrea Mayes

3 weeks ago

Ice cream is great. The new facility is very well done. The service isn't great. I asked for a bigger sized dish for my toddler's scoop so he can maneuver the spoon...was told she isn't allowed to do that. I asked why, she couldn't give me an answer other than she wasn't allowed. A woman in the background tells me it messes up their inventory. Ok, I get that however it prevents our child from being able to feed himself. Then, after I pay, she hands me a bigger dish. Confused, I asked how I would need to order in the future to get that size dish for his scoop. She didn't know, she asked someone who told her (didn't address me) that I couldn't. Yet my friend who was there 5 minutes before me was happily given two additional dishes when she asked. Clearly, there is an inconsistency in the "rules" and staff are not given autonomy to give customers their best experience.


Anthony Parisi

a month ago

No one takes your order until you pay, kinda the opposite of how ice cream shops work. This becomes an issue not only due to the constant line even with little traffic, but also because you can pay for something before they tell you they don't have any left for the night. All toppings are an additional 50 PER TOPPING. so if you have kids that like toppings, you'll probably pay $7 and up for a small. One time I walked in with my family at 9:02 on a sunday (they close at 9). A young staff member yelled at us to "look at the clock!" A little professionalism would go a long way, don't you think? Overall, we go here because it's local and the vibe is (usually) nice. But there are a few things that could make this establishment more function and


Diane Johnson

3 months ago

Creamy and delicious freshly made hard ice cream (also have Italian ices). Personable and efficient staff, owner usually present, often works with staff if not making ice cream. Attractive seating area if you want to enjoy your cone, dish, shake, sundae, etc., inside. Best ever butter pecan!