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Irene Jayma

7 months ago

Sooo good! I live 20min away and travel just for this the picture below is after a 20 min ride Blueberry Muffin and Maple Walnut


Joe Carranti

3 months ago

If you haven't tried this place yet you need to stop reading and get there it's AMAZING! ......For those of you still reading this place has simple classic ice cream flavors that you would believe someone could make any better after all the years ice cream has been around; well this place has done it. Evey flavor you try will be the best you have ever had it!


Vladislav V.

4 months ago

Ordered cherry vanilla flavor, but didn't know it's that kind of cherry that is artificially colored in bright red. Asked if we can change it, but was a strict NO from an employee and they just walked away. Went to the counter received same answer and told me I can pick them out from there. But the first NO, was extremely rude turning the back to my face and walking away. No customer service and I know why, because they are busy and don't care.


Randall Down

3 weeks ago

Walked into Waxhaw Creamery tonight with my family. There were no other customers in line and there were three employees standing behind the counter. No, welcome. No, good evening. Crickets. As we stood there trying to decide what flavor to order, all three employee just stared at us. No, can I help you. No, would you like a sample. Crickets. We just received blank stares from them. We were not going to support a business that has horrible customer service, so as we started to walk out, one of the employees, said: have a good night in a sarcastic tone. All three should be fired.


Terry Erb

a month ago

This is the best ice cream in the Charlotte area, hands down. If it's not close by to you, it's worth the drive. And downtown Waxhaw is a cool and unique spot.

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