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Jonathan Gibson

2 weeks ago

This Museum may be small, but it is wall-to-wall packed with information! I could spend hours upon hours in here! The environment is very welcoming and family-friendly. This would be a great place to bring kids and teenagers alike. Also it is very interesting for the adults. The displays are very well put together. The tours are very well-managed. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants to do something fun for a day without paying a cent. Anyone interested in the Bible or missions work should also check out this location.


Michael Griggs

a month ago

Great museum! The museum is very informative about a number of different written languages and how they were developed. There is so much information in the museum, and the staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. You will learn a lot visiting here. I definitely want to revisit the museum.


gail sansiveri

2 weeks ago

Great place! What an educational place to visit. I'm blown away by the work going on to further God's Kingdom here!!! A must see!!


Leila Rahil

in the last week

As someone who almost got their degree in Linguistics, this is like an archaeological museum of the written word and was such an incredibly pleasant surprise! Honestly, the caliber of content was fantastic and on par with the type of museum you would expect to find in a big metropolis. They do an excellent job of densely populating the small space with great displays and exhibits, each dedicated to a specific theme that is either historically/geographically based. Even though there is a lot of information to absorb, they do a wonderful job of making each section flow into one another and making sure each one is respectively distinct and specifically informational. I love the little quiz boxes they have spaced around to test your knowledge of how well you've been paying attention! There are also great pamphletsto give greater contextual information for certain displays. The 10min intro film to the Museum of the Alphabet is a must! You learn about the museum's origins and purpose and it gives you an idea of what to expect on your tour. It is a Christian-based foundation/mission, but as someone who is agnostic, I did not feel it was overtly religious at all, which I appreciated. They incorporate various relevant religions into the history and importance of certain languages, as well, and do an excellent job of perspective. I spent over an hour exploring this place and was just wowed with the massive history of the written word and the work a lot of these people do to preserve many oral-only languages of indigenous peoples who do not have a written language from becoming extinct from anthropological history! It's incredible how alphabets are still being created today. The Alphabet Tree at the entrance is so intricate and informative and traces back each language group to their origins, like ancestral genetics of languages; I was really fascinated by this one! Definitely worth checking out if you are in or near Waxhaw. It's also a great little quicktrip at 40mins or less drive from Charlotte and close enough to downtown Waxhaw to shop, eat, drink before or after. If you are a nerd (like me) and/or have an interest in linguistics, you will instantly be in heaven here. If you are just mildly curious, you will leave with a newfound and deep-seated appreciation for the written word! The staff here are great and super helpful, especially if you have any questions or need better/more in depth explanations for all or any of the exhibits. There is no admission charge, but a donation is highly encouraged with a jar by the registration logbook. Even if you donate just $5, you will easily get more than your money's worth.


Andrew Skoraro

4 weeks ago

I was amazed by how much information was in such a small building. I would recomend it to anyone interested in history.