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Kim N

a year ago

Such a fantastic skate park. Kept very clean by parks and rec. Lots of unique features with hills, ramps, and pipes. It also has great artistic features like the sculptures. Parks and rec let kids paint the boards on the fence at a recent event. Nice playground right beside the skate park with a couple public restrooms. Several benches and picnic tables around as well. Gets busy midday through the evening. Right next to downtown Waxhaw so tons of restaurants, bars, and a coffee shop. Also, pinky out skateshop within walking distance in case you need to buy anything.


Hunt Ship

a month ago

The skatepark is pretty bad. It was designed specifically for a skating style from the 70s that is long dead. As a regular skater I have and extremely hard time skating this park, if you were goofy, you could maybe do some cool stuff. If you're looking to get a blast from the past, this is the park for you. If you're looking to get good at skateboarding, this is not the park for you. That's just the design though, there are also lots of cracks that will halt your board and mess you up real bad.


Jennifer Giordano

2 months ago

The Waxhaw Skatepark is an amazing staple in Waxhaw. This park has been open ever since I was a kid. Not only was it fun when I was younger, but I still enjoy this park to this day. The skatepark has different levels of hills for all skaters with different experience levels. Some skateparks I have been to do not have a mix of both. It either has a bunch of only small hills or only large hills, but the Waxhaw skatepark does a great job at mixing the two. They even have some hills that would be considered medium level. This skatepark is not only fun to practice skating tricks on but I also enjoy just watching everyone excel from one hill to the next. My favorite thing about this skatepark are the bolted figures set up for decoration, I think these statues show off the personality of Waxhaw very well. There are also painted old skateboards that are lined up on the fence, this piece of art it super urban and fun. The park is always well kept, I have never seen the trash over filled or anything gross on the playground. Overall, it is an amazing park, and kids and teens love it, so bring them here.


John Abrahamson

4 years ago

Great public park! Good for any skill level. I would encourage to bring new skaters/scooters on slower days. Bikes are only allowed on special event days. I took my 3 kids, all with LOW skill level, and within an hour, they were all comfortable on the small bumps and slopes.



2 years ago

Very nice skate park. My younger son had a great time. There were several well behaved kids skating, ages ranged from maybe 9 to 16.

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