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Tony Zamparelli

3 weeks ago

Fun and the older kids are always nice to my younger kids!


rick coram

3 months ago

This is a great little skatepark off the beaten path. As a resident I feel extremely fortunate to even have a skatepark in such a small town, after all, this isn't the West Coast where it's more of a normal thing for small towns to have skateparks. As a general rule people of all ages share the space and usually look out for one another, i.e., the older, more experienced riders keep an eye on the whereabouts of the younger kids so there's no accidents. People are usually very friendly and respectable and keep it "kid friendly". Yes, you can bring your scooters, I've seen no issues arise. Bikes are only supposed to be allowed on certain special events operated by the city, so check with them first. Fantastic free park that gives us something to do everyday!


Cayla McDonald

a month ago

They made lots of random bumps so its really hard for me to ride my scooter there without falling


Mr. Mouze

4 months ago

Best spot to skate hands down. Change my mind.


Mason Mojica

8 months ago

Great park. It has a little bit of everything for people of all skill sets.