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Maureen Graham

3 weeks ago

I am an ice cream addict. Ive eaten ice cream in many places, in and out of the U. S. I have never had better. The prices are reasonable, and most of the flavors are gluten free. The owners and staff are friendly and look happy working there. My favorite flavor is double dark chocolate, but there are many to choose from. The Shop decor is bright and cheerful, and often, the line waiting is out the door. Were there every other day. Dont miss out!


Shyam Sankaran

2 months ago

10 stars! This is a great place... took my family for an outing and the kids enjoyed it. very helpful staff. Excellent experience. Will be back soon.


Vladislav V.

2 weeks ago

Ordered cherry vanilla flavor, but didn't know it's that kind of cherry that is artificially colored in bright red. Asked if we can change it, but was a strict NO from an employee and they just walked away. Went to the counter received same answer and told me I can pick them out from there. But the first NO, was extremely rude turning the back to my face and walking away. No customer service and I know why, because they are busy and don't care.


Trevor Nickolai

2 months ago

Hands down the best ice-cream place we have been to before. We now use this location as a "is it as good as Waxhaw Creamery?" when it comes to other ice-cream place. We came here about 6ish years ago, and they have not regressed in anyway, and have actually gotten better. Their staff is always really nice, and they have a ton of flavors. Anyone who is in this area for a visit or what not, be sure to stop by this place for desert.


Katelyn Oppold

a month ago

Im a regular here and love the ice cream and all the dairy free options they have. My friends and I came in tonight and she ordered her ice cream and made sure to tell them she had a dairy allergy. They Lady that owns it gave her the whole run down of changing scoops and gloves and made us feel very comfortable, especially since we were here the night before with no problems. We got her ice cream and she started to have an allergic reaction after one or two bites. Thankfully paramedics were on the corner and helped us give her her epiPen and she is okay. I went back in to figure out what flavor they had actually given her or let them know it was a possible cross-contamination and the Man that owns the place informed me that the whole cone and two scoops in it were dairy. I explained to him that this was unacceptable especially since her ticket was marked with dairy allergy and even told us they would switch scoops, gloved, etc. He did not have much to say and brushed it off like it was nothing. Mainly ignored what i was saying and continued to ask one of the workers if he had changed his gloves. Sorry but the gloves were the least of my worries considering you gave her a dairy cone and dairy ice cream. After having worked at an ice cream shop myself and seeing how easy it is to follow the precautions to make a safe cone allergy free, I am extremely frustrated and upset with how carefree they handled it and did not ask if she was okay or anything after the fact. Will not be trusting this creamery with allergy concerns in the future.

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