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Raymond James

7 months ago

Amazing little park with so many different things for children to do. Theres a small climbing wall as part of the playground which my 3 year old daughter can do which is great! Just added parts than your traditional park set up. She loved it! There is also a skate park/ ramps within 20 feet of it which is fenced in, and I saw younger aged kids with parents there. It looked really cool and great for kids to learn on. It looked very clean as well. It is a wonderful little place set down offside the road. We will definitely be going back. Met some great parents there as well. Really nice place!


Ksana Bu

4 months ago

I don't recommend visiting this place. Although it has great age divided places for toddlers and big kids and a good variety of slides but there are weirdos wandering and sitting around all the time. You should always be alert at this place, you can't just relax and watch your kids playing. The other negative side is the hill through the playgrounds to the skateboard park. The teenagers skate at a high speed on it and it goes just in-between two play zones. One will not have enough time to catch running kid. Despite all positives and good zones and slides I will never visit with small kids. But if you go without kids it's a good place to sit on a bench and enjoy the skateboarders making different tricks.


Josh Miller

in the last week

It was amazing. Great place to go for a family outing.


Ashley Mohundro

8 months ago

Beautiful park. Lots of area for kids to play. The park is sooo busy that they could use even more equipment in my opinion. Was my toddler's first playground experience and it was great. Gross clogged bathrooms, but it's really to be expected in my opinion.


Nat Shor

a year ago

Very nice park for kids . We are glad we found this place

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