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Corey Stacey

a year ago

beats everyone else on any food you get


Pamela Hayes

2 weeks ago

Everything they sell is fabulous! Barbecue, chicken, burgers, onion rings - fantastic! Update - everything is STILL THE BEST!!! Thankfully they survived the pandemic and are still serving delicious food. I stop by most every month when I'm in Charlotte - I miss your convenience but I chose to move.


MeMe Flax

3 weeks ago

Ordered 4 Po Boy n fries, Perch dinner , 1/2 chicken dinner and Tenders dinner. Prices were good. Food is not salted. I love fries and the fries was good. Perch was good, the tarter sauce was ok.. slaw was a bit bland. No body complained. 8 out of 10


Antoine Sadler

2 weeks ago

They need to get some of their speakers fixed. Or put out of order on them. I waited 20 minutes too find out that the speaker didn't work. The food was good. I ordered 2 bottles of water at $1.25 each. When the server brought the food. He told me, that they were out of bottled water. He tried to hand me 2 cups of tap water. I asked were they free, he said no they cost $1.00. I told him to take them back; I will never pay a dollar for tap . They can do better than, they did.


Jack Chambless

7 months ago

BEST FRIED CHICKEN LIVERS IN AMERICA! Man...they are huge, perfectly breaded and incredible in flavor. This place does not look like much but there is a reason it was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Pull up, order a basket and then find a place to take a nap. Unreal food.

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