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Jolene Wolfe

2 weeks ago

Was headed to Charlotte for a concert but was almost more excited to try this place. It came highly recommended by the Wilmington Vegan group. I ordered the fried pickles and the meatloaf meal with mac n cheese and mashed potatoes. The gravy was a little strange textured but still a nice flavor. My only complaint was that the cornbread was very dry, but that didn't matter much as I was far too full to eat it. Wonderful staff and nerd decor atmosphere make this a cool place to get a tasty ethical meal.


Santiago Bonilla

a week ago

Super super delicious. I consider myself a bit of a meat eater but this food could easily change me to a vegetarian! The prices are quite reasonable and everything on the menu sounds delicious. Definitely try the crabbie Pattie. The staff was also incredibly kind and welcoming.


Chris Peterson

a week ago

Update Post: I go to pick up an order and the card reader is down. I run to get cash and come back. I bring my food home and they give me the wrong order. I called them to let them know and they say they can't help me all. I ask that they fix it the next day since they are closed, and they tell me there is nothing they can do. So now I'm home with cold food that I didn't order. I keep giving them chance after chance and they always find a way to deliver poor service. I'll be glad when they get some real competition that makes them change their policies or up their service. Also don't leave reviews on their Facebook page, they delete anything negative. VERY DISHONEST BUSINESS, and don't deserve the support of Charlotte's vegan community.


Jeff Carpou

2 months ago

Always great food! Love the small vegan market inside, so convenient for some home cooked vegan comfort food! I only wish service was a little better, sometimes dining in you may be left waiting a bit longer than youd expect for service. All in all though 5 stars!


Darrell D

a month ago

On June 15th, I called in an order at Bean Vegan Cuisine at the Charlotte location and was told my order would be 20 minutes. When I got there, there were two ladies sitting down eating and there was a female worker training a new employee by the register. I proceeded to the register, and then the two employees walked away to the back. I was never greeted, so I sat down in a chair in front of the register as I waited to be greeted and/or served. The two employees walked to the front again and then took the order of another customer who had walked in who was carrying a baby...Another employee walks from the back wearing a grey dress talks to the customer and plays with the baby. I stood up at the counter and wait to be acknowledged in some form and it didn't happen. I've waited at least 10-15 mind at this point. So I asked the employee in the grey dress (whose name is Jessica) can i be served because I'm upset at this point. She tells me I have to tell the employees when I come in to acknowledge me. I tell her I should be greeted when I come in (or at least at some point), she proceeds to get an attitude, tell me she doesn't care, and walks to the back. I couldn't believe it. At this point, the employee who was training gets my payment and my take out order. I ask who the female in the grey dress was she said she was a manager by the name of Jessica...I won't be going back to place and advise others to stay away also.