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Dzzz Z

in the last week

After new management had taken over things have changed. While their food is pretty much spot on a , they seem to be flooded with people on weekends. I had called in earlier today but found the line disconnected. First time its happened to me and since I was in the area I stopped by instead. Upon arrival I mentioned how the phone was disconnected while placing my order and I got a very nonchalant response on how theyve had to do that lately because of how many orders theyd get along with those that are dining in. The severs could use an attitude check, the way they replied to others who had also brought this up was a bit tactless. Didnt apologize but more so just said they couldnt flat out handle dealing with customers in and those wanting to order take out and seemed tense whilst responding. Ive also had frequent issues with my past orders ; when requesting certain items to be omitted from my burgers and such. When mentioning it to them, they didnt offer much help. Im reluctant to bring new friends or family over. Id rather go to Fern/Lunas Living Kitchen or Mama Wok where I can get better service and just as great if not even better Vegan meals.


Pachee Vang Rivera

a week ago

Just went to Bean, the food and service was exceptionally great, now I wonder why I have waited so long to return. Got there at 5pm I sat at the bar and my waitress (Mia) got to me right away she was like sunshine to my gloomy day (literally) very sweet with positive vibes, got my food in less then 15min. Very happy I will start going back more often now. Great food great vibes. Thanks Bean


Emery Clark

a month ago

Really good! I have been vegan since 2012 and eat here every weekend. Their food is delicious and comforting. Their hours are great. They have all varieties of foods, deserts, drinks, starters, as well as a large vegan market place! Could it get any better? Bean Vegan is the bomb. Very family friendly. Service can be poor at times, but it's always busy so please be patient and understanding. A MUST VISIT


Victoria Rehling

2 weeks ago

The food is beyond phenomenal. They have a wide range of options. Everything is well portioned, well priced, with a friendly staff. PLUS a vegan market! We're on a weekend trip and going back tomorrow! Being a smaller place, you will probably wait for a table, but it is well worth it!


Lia Miller

a week ago

By far the most unpleasant tasting food of my entire life. The floors were so sticky. our shoes were gripping the floors. The place had a bad smell as well. The kitchen was also dirty. Not even the 4 and 5 year old children ate it. Everything our party of 10 ordered remained on the table. They do not give discounts nor take things off the bill so we had to pay for it and remain hungry while traveling back home on a road trip. The one start is for the server that was pleasant with us (even tho she talked about us with the cooks). We still gave her a very generous tip and treated them all with respect. Not sure how places like this stay open, but at least they are vegan.